Software Quake 2 game controls not working (IOquake2 NanoGL)

Discussion in 'Support Area' started by alxm, Jun 4, 2018.

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    I'm using the latest firmware SZ 1.76 and the IOquake2 NanoGL PND. I set everything up, I can start a new game and it seems to be running nice and smooth despite the long Loading screen :) However, the game controls (including dpad) don't work, only the keyboard does. Mouse inputs seem to be ignored, so I can't navigate the game's menu to set the controls manually.

    A search revealed a similar issue from 2012, related to the new 3.2 kernel and the way it exposes input devices or something like that. The PND seems newer than that though, any ideas?
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    In the meantime, Quake2 Yamagi from 2013 works fine, so that NanoGL pnd from 2015 is probably an upload of an older release. I'm impressed seeing this game on Pandora, runs about as well as the first Quake on Wiz/Caanoo.
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    @alxm I sort of recall the mouse modes not working at all on that port. I think the game needs the nubs set to joystick mode prior to launching the game.
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    Yeah I would not use the nanoGL stuff its really from a phase where i didnt have any GL knowledge and used to get something working.

    The YQ2 is much superior in renderer and game logic. I should update to the latest version.
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