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    This thread is a reproduction of the Tweaks Thread on the GP32X forums. Most items link back to threads on GP32X.


    For the latest hotfixes, firmware images and the community codec pack, head to the official support page.


    Now for the fun stuff. IMPORTANT:

    Most of the tweaks listed here have been put together by the community, and are not officially supported unless otherwise indicated.

    The use of opkg is not officially supported, and if used recklessly can fill up the NAND or break the OS.

    Any fixes that involve opening or modifying the hardware are likely to void your warranty.

    If you're in any doubt about applying one of these tweaks, feel free to start a new thread and ask.





    Battery not charging? (UK) check adaptor [pic] / battery flat

    Wonky shoulder button fix / Further improvement

    Stuck keys

    Scratchy stylus tip

    Nub disassembly, cleaning / More info / More info and pics / Fix broken Nub PCB traces

    Fix bowing LCD bezel (Advanced, might void warranty!)

    Pandora resetting when bumped?

    Wonky gaming button

    Battery troubleshooting mini-FAQ



    Run latest firmware from SD card

    Reflashing firmware / (old firmware here)

    Can't browse filesystem (Thunar)

    [XFCE] - Change desktop icon text to white on black

    [XFCE] - Putting firmware applications on the desktop

    [XFCE] - Creating hotkeys to launch apps

    [XFCE] - Making XFCE sexy

    [XFCE] - Altering window decorations

    [XFCE] - Add custom launchers to the main menu

    [XFCE] - How to move windows that are larger than the screen

    [XFCE] - Titlebar disappeared? Restart window decoration handler

    [XFCE] - XFCE style changing with brightness button hack

    [XFCE] - How to get the Pandora menu button back if it disappears

    [XFCE] - How to get the taskbar back if it disappears

    [XFCE] - Increase scroll bar width

    [XFCE] - Making titlebars and window decorations bigger

    [XFCE] - Configure shoulder buttons as mouse buttons

    [XFCE] - Making group launchers on the desktop

    [XFCE] - Move desktop icons

    [MMenu] - Launch Minimenu from XFCE with icon

    [MMenu] - Skinning Minimenu

    [MMenu] - Auto-rescan apps on SD insert

    [MMenu] - Fullscreen window manager

    [PND] - Convert Angström apps to PND

    [PND] - Canging/adding search paths

    Want to experiment with Angström repo? Create overlay and install to SD

    or Run firmware from SD card instead of NAND

    How to enable audio recording

    Making screenshots

    Adding delete option without using trash (Thunar)

    Experiment with different window managers

    Debian in a chroot

    Quick change CPU speed

    Change wireless mode

    Change default keyring password / Remove keyring password

    Boot into console

    How to remove a folder or file that's giving a "Stale NFS file handle" error

    Enable 'Delete' key

    File transfer to PC via USB cable



    How to change battery level at which shutdown is forced

    Over-amplify to listen to low-volume recordings

    How to turn off WiFi power-saving



    How to get MAME4all working

    How to get UAE4ALL working

    How to get Quake2 working

    Reduce CPU load in Mplayer

    Password-less login in Dropbear

    How to change default browser to Chromium(or other)

    DOSBox configuration

    How to get Hexen II working

    How to get Ur-Quan Masters working

    Can't get past a certain scene in PSX4Pandora

    Quake 2 too dark?

    How to have your nubs change modes upon launching of a PND




    A quick and simple guide to ripping your DVDs for your Pandora

    How to rip your PSX discs (Linux)

    MAME .106 ROM Guide

    How to save space on Turbo CD/PC Engine CD games (For Windows)

    How to save space on PS1 games without ripping video or music (For Windows)

    How To: Fix hinge holes using Sugru NEW

    ScummVM instructional video NEW



    Broadband USB stick usage

    Using USB thumb drive as swap

    Bluetooth GPS and TangoGPS



    SD Card formatter

    Background killer

    Various (de)compressors for Pandora



    Get complete toolchain on Pandora

    Setting up Code::Blocks to cross-compile in Ubuntu



    Change hotspot channel to increase Wifi speed]/b]
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  2. alerino

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Can i just thank Mali for the original thread in gp32x? This is very good service!
  3. Trip

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    Dec 22, 2005
    The cesspit of the world, Bradford U.K
    Good thread, cheers for bringing it over Gruso B)
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  4. Vorporeal

    Vorporeal Yes, no, I, this is.

    Sep 13, 2007
    Great thread - it would be helpful if you marked off which were resolved (either which hotfix/firmware release, for software, or which "batch" for hardware).
  5. Coldbird

    Coldbird Member

    Aug 15, 2010
    The build tools on Pandora trick is outdated, it should be:

    sudo su

    opkg update

    opkg install gcc gcc-symlinks gcc-doc make make-dev binutils-dev vim vim-syntax cpp cpp-symlinks g++ g++-symlinks libstdc++-dev libgles-omap3-dev libgles-omap3-demos libsdl-1.2-dev libsdl-gfx-dev libsdl-

    image-1.2-dev libsdl-mixer-1.2-dev libsdl-net-1.2-dev libsdl-ttf-2.0-dev
  6. pcp

    pcp Still Fresh

    Jul 13, 2008
    Thanks for this awesome thread. Very informative and I know it'll be handy when I get my Pandora!
  7. st0kes

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    Sep 30, 2008
    Can I add another tip to the above that may be of use?

    I recently had problems with WiFi - I thought Hotfix4 had resolved my lack of connectivity, but it suddenly stopped working after the power ran out and would not connect when recharged. At this point I also noticed that my external hard drive (usb bus powered) stopped working - when plugged in the screen would go black and would not recover until I had unplugged. I resorted to re-flashing the firmware thinking this would at least fix my wifi problem. It didn't. The tip is:

    If you have what you think is a hardware problem, shut it down, take out the battery and leave it unplugged from the mains power for a few minutes. After I did this my wifi started working again and my external drive also now works.

    I think I wasted my time re-flashing and if you have issues you can probably save time by doing a "cold boot" like this.
  8. Tickles

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    Apr 9, 2010
    I completely forgot about this, thanks bumpers! (and of course Mali/Gruso) :)
  9. Eisner

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    Oct 3, 2008
    I just typed up a how to on adding sound during boot cycle - Thanks in large part to Chris C.

    Near the end of the thread...

    My link

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  10. Blue Protoman

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    Mar 6, 2010
    Whatever happened to adding my nub scripts to this thread?
  11. Blue Protoman

    Blue Protoman Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2010
    Can you add these to this thread?
  12. Prometheus

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    Mar 8, 2008
    It would be easier if you sent a PM about that sort of thing so that there's no chance of us missing it, BP. ;) Anyway, give me a minute and I'll get it sorted out.

    EDIT: There, done.
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  13. PowerGod

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    Jun 20, 2011
    Because I want to remove the keyring, but NOT the wifi passwords (cause I don't remember them), I've found a way to at least SEE THEM !!!

    1) Right click on "NetworkManager Applet" (the icon with 2 black monitors in the bottom bar) and choose "Edit Connections..."

    2) In the "Wireless" tab select an access point from the list and click "Edit"

    3) It may ask you the keyring password (if you didn't used it before in that session), and THEN it will ask to access the keyring stored passwords, click either "Allow Once" or "Always Allow"

    4) In the Editing window go to the "Wireless Security" tab, and select "Show password"
  14. Stainy

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    Hi guys..

    The 'make xfce sexy' link... I tried following this last night..

    Tried installing gtk-engine but there was a dependency on lib something something.. I did an opkg list but couldn't see it..

    Also that original guide some of the pics are way too small to follow..

    Can anyone help??
  15. danielo515

    danielo515 Member

    Dec 26, 2012
    Does anyone noticed that this tweak

    [XFCE] - Increase scroll bar width

    Looks like is silenty implemented but not activated?
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  16. Neelix

    Neelix Insecticidal Maniac

    Jan 8, 2011
    Melbourne, Australia
    I'm not sure what you mean by not activated.   The wide scrollbars were implemented by default in recent firmware images,  but they were not when this thead was posted.

    - Neelix
  17. danielo515

    danielo515 Member

    Dec 26, 2012
    What I mean by "not activated" is, the lines that makes the scroll-bars wider are commented in the corresponding file, and there is no option in any menu or reference to it in any guide. 
  18. Neelix

    Neelix Insecticidal Maniac

    Jan 8, 2011
    Melbourne, Australia
    *blinks*  What version of the firmware are you running? 

    I've already overwritten that file on my recently reflashed unit with copy I had previously backed up containing my preferred settings,  so I can't easily check how it appears in a fresh install.

    - Neelix
  19. FelixNemis

    FelixNemis Member

    May 15, 2012
    I can confirm that they aren't wide anymore, after updating to 1.52 (it might have been after 1.51, but it's in not wide in 1.52 either)

    though I can't check right now because I don't have my pandora (lcd cable repair)
  20. sewlek

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    Jan 19, 2014
    youtube on pandora

    i dont know how many other had this problem, at least i do (did) have it: since the change more towards html5, none of the youtube players in the repo seem to work, also in firefox those videos wont play properly (very slow and no sound).

    the fix for firefox: disable html5 videos. type about:config in the address bar. search for media and disable media.wave, media.ogg, media.mplayer, media.sound(?) this will force youtube to fallback to the flashplayer since your browser no longer supports html5 vids. this also reenables 240p and 144p option for most videos.

    hope someone else finds this also usefull!

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