Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

Wow, how does the actual Tempest 200 run, the version with the visual FX?

I'm going to give the Win 95 version a go as it runs at a higher resolution, hopefully the specs aren't too high for the Pandora.
Is it possible to fix these errors? (sorry about text in Spanish):


The first erroneous one, in English should be something like "IDE (dual FIFO) primary controller". The second: "Standard floppy drive controller". The third one is already in english  ;) . I have installed the recommended intel drivers in the WiKi, but errors do not disappear, and I cannot select DMA mode for the disk drive.
Hmm i think they are normal when you have mounted a Shared Folder or a CD Iso.

Try to boot without mounted CDROM,without shared Folder.

And see them in the Hardware Manager again ;)

Mostly Errors then are gone ^_^

And then can you activate DMA.

Sometimes CDROM Drivers make that you dont have DMA,

after Copying the Cue+BIN into your Image can you Disable them and purely use Daemon Tools.

For speed up Windows a Little can you add to your Autoexec.bat

subst a: c\windows
Then search Windows not ever the empty A: Drive,because its not more empty :)
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Floppy drive and power management controller errors persists, but IDE controller errors disappeared and I have enabled DMA without problems. Thanks!
DMA gives a little Loading Time Boos and feelable little more Processorpower :)

Everytime a Honor for me when i can help :)
trying this on my pandora 1ghz edition. win98 se is much faster than win95 (osr2.5)  for me, just a heads up :)

and any way to upgrade the qemu version used? I saw theres 1.5 in the wine-qemu thread but I'd prefer something simpler to install. maybe an updated pnd..?

whats the current bersion in this, 0.14.1?
Hi,we use for our Qemu PND Version 0.15.1 the last well working Version for looong.

All newer Qemu Versions have massivly Problems to read the premade qcow2 Images because they detect the Image Format not correct and it have then Bad Blocks.

Qemu 0.15.1 read them Correctly without Problems.

All newer Qemu Versions we tested worked slower than the Version we use,then was there no realy Reason for a Update.

Simply enjoy a good working Version of Qemu for Pandora :)
I could read through the whole thread bu what is best optimal os + tricks to run as fast as possible, starcraft? :)

I tried windows 95 and it was really slow, win98se is better but not as good as the videos I've seen (pandora giga at 1160 mhz sys at 450mhz overcock)
Hi everyone!

I think I may have a little problem. 

I can't give more than 128mb of ram for the emulator. Is this feature or bug?
Np but please dont forget that we use Qemu0.1.5.1

I am ever happy when i can help.
For Questions,just post in this Thread.

Now know i how to change PNDs and maybe i can get it little faster with extras.

Example: You can use Qemu with a real USB Cdrom on Pandora,i know how and maybe i can add that option into the Gui..
No more ripping your Games to Iso then.
Or install Windows directly from CD.
But Multitrack Cdroms work even not,normal Cdroms are no Problem.

...second example:
I try to recompile it with LinuxBochs GL and maybe i find a way for little Speedup then.

...thirt example:
When you use core2duo Processor emulation then is Qemu feelable little faster.

...fourth example:
Maybe i can get VNC working then can you Connect your Qemu on Pandora with VNC on PC.

But stepby step,first want i to learn how i can implement the core2duo processor emulation into the Gui :)

Maybe i will release soon QemuGames in a PND for more simple starting like a Pandora Game PND :)
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Little Update...
...last Evening was i able to recompile Qemu 0.15.1 with CodeBlocks and with LinuxBochs GL and addidional AC97 Soundcard support.

First Testings beginnt this Evening.
My Goal is to update the Qemu PND compiled with newer Libs...
...maybe AC97 Sound Emulation work better than SB16 under Windows and maybe little lesser ProcessorPower consum then for more Power Emulating Windows95....

....maybe i can open it in a GL Screen,not for 3D Emulation,but maybe Qemu work little faster too than SDL what we use.

Just Ideas...i promise nothing :)
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Know anyone how to open a Application manual in a GL Window or GL Fullscreen?

Must i use this Export LibGL=FB1 Command ?