Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

Hi. Nice seeing somebody testing this a lot.

Unfortunately I am very busy in RL right now and don't have any time for the next weeks or months to just sit down and hack around :(

If you want to compile qemu yourself, there are some posts on how to crosscompile it.

Should work just fine on the Pandora itself , too.

Sorry, but something at work went wrong and I will need some time dedicated to this.

So sorry if I react as if I want to push stuff away, but this here is a hobby. Reallife work comes first...
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Hiho good morning :)
Yes thats right,real work is ever on first Place Mcobit.
I must go to work too now.

I searched yesterday a Dos Keyboard mapping Software,but hard to find.
Searched 2 Hours on Google with differrent Words but dont found one for Dos.

I can swear i saw one and laugh about it,but now when i need one find i not one :D
Can anyone try out the "rebirth edition" of Rolemaster: Magestorm available at

The original system requirements listed a Win95 Pentium CPU with 16MB RAM and directx 3.  The Rebirth edition at is updated to work on more modern computers, but is basically the same game as waaay back when, and is playable ONLINE for free arena-based RPG combat.

Getting an online-only rpg like Magestorm on the Pandora would be amazing, if it works.  I'm not sure how well the updates will work on actual Windows 95 though, since work has been done to make Magestorm run on modern computers and modern Windows versions.

If there's enough interest (try the game out on your regular PC!  It's amazing!) maybe the head developer (Sorien) can release a Win95 Pandora-specific installer or executable, to make sure it works as smoothly as possible.  They've modified the game rather heavily in other ways already, so it shouldn't be all that terrible.

Unfortunately, my first batch Pandora was stolen from my van years ago (I made a post about it on these forums), so I cannot test any of this myself, but if the Pandora can run Magestorm I bet I could get the MS community interested in some portable gaming.  I do intend to replace my stolen Pandora eventually, when I have more income, but until then, it'd be awesome if someone could test this for me!


I will try this 2 Games this Evening.

Maybe i make videos from them when they work fine.

Btw,i found a working way copyprotected Games and multitrack CDRoms working in Qemu.

Just install Daemon Tools for Windows95,pack the Bin&Cue into a Iso and mount them in the emulated Windows95.

With this have i Heart of Darkness got run :)

(But have sound Problems with sb16 emulation)
Not Bad Game and work,but not fast on the GHZ Pandora.

See here:
(just Uploading)

@ Trix:

They wrote :

[SIZE=85%]The .NET 4.0 Client Profile Redistributable, XNA 4.0 Redistributable, and the Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable x86 are now required[/SIZE]

This will not work on Windows95/98/SE Sorry.

The only little Chance i see is maybe in ReactOS and in ReactOS have we Network Support Build in the Images.

So there is a little Chance and i try that next Days with ReactOS ;)

ReactOS has also Touchscreen Support with Qemu,but work sloooow.

Maybe with a newer Version from this :rolleyes:
If you want to try an other wine build: Wine 1.6 stable is out. :)
Thx for Info,must install the newest Slackware and recompile because the automounting is now fixed there ^_^

I try a little with Bodhi Linux too,make Videos for Ekanjo ;)

PPSSPP test will come soon :rolleyes:

annnnd the Reason why i post here is:

A new fixed Freedos Image for Qemu is out.

For many Users in the Past was the Colon ":" a angry Thing.

With this Image not more,because you dont need that anymore

with that Freedos Image for Dos Games:

This Qemu Image is now with the simple Command


and it will automatic copy all your content from the Shared Folder into c:\dosgame :D :D

So dont need you the Colon anymore in Freedos :rolleyes:

And i have patched the EMS Memory commands in Config.sys,so can more Games work who need EMS Memory.

Also i have autostarted the free Version of Univbe for all ;)

then less Grafical Errors in Games&more Resolutions.

Happy trying ^_^

Never in the Past whered Qemu Dos Games easier to get run ;)  
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^^ "doublepoint" should read "colon", i.e. " : " (it's "Doppelpunkt" in German, but the direct translation probably makes no sense to non-Germans, so I hope this helps)

Thanks Ingo!
Ah the real english Name is colon?

Like au de Cologne ^_^

Ok i edit the Post for all :lol:

Thx for this little Help ;)
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Cologne is my Donkeybridge :lol:

btw:the Gamescom is in Cologne soon. ^_^

Edit: Fixed and uploaded that Word in the Image :rolleyes:
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"doublepoint" is "deux points" in french so at least french will get it too ;)

Cologne is a french city, so "eau de cologne" is : water from Cologne :D

It's like 'jean's denim' which come from 'Jean de Nimes' which is a guy selling that kind of tissue in the past century and which lived in Nimes (a french city). So that kind of tissue became a "denim" or a "jean" (which is a first name in france)


You made me wonder about the meaning of "eau de toilette" though :p

"faire sa toilette" means to wash yourself, "porter une belle toilette" means wearing fine clothes, have no fear :D
EDIT : "toilette" also describe a really old furniture used to wash yourself, to "style" your hairs and all the things people can do to look better ^^
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In short again Ontopic ;)

For all Readers here,there is a Image with Freedos where you never need a Colon more ;)

See a few Posts before this Post :D