Pyra + Java = ?

CrossCode isn't written in Java. It's pure HTML5 Canvas/Javascript. However, it's pretty CPU intensive, so I'm not sure if the Pyra could do the full 60 fps on it (my old FX-3850 had issues at times).
html5 games tested starting from 6:20: Didn't know crosscode used that aswell, bit of a shame really
I guess you mean FX-8350. Really poor choice for an engine if a processor that is able to play Battlefield 4 at 144HZ has problems with a 2d game :(
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easy math:

Python + Java = Jython
Pyra + Java = Jyra
good guys (although not related to games):

It should be burned in holy fire.
That looks beautiful. Crashes a lot... but it looks beautiful. Love the ideas they added.
It runs on the Pandora... walks really, maybe a very slow walk. And loading takes ages... the SDD lights dont go off, Firefox asks me like 4 times if it should stop running the Javascript...
The music does not stutter (at first)... but if I get 0.1 FPS it is much... but it runs... so at least Pyra will be able to run it too...

also: works with cursor keys, no need for wads
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So my employer contracted out to get a simple gui working: two vehicles streamed with realtime GPS coordinates on google maps. It ran like shit. Then I got ahold of it and improved the performance significantly but still not perfect: javascript is not my language, but I did the best I could. CPU pegged at 100% it still stutters occasionally, I figured javascript is just not the right language to have written this in.
But then I see complex apps with fancy graphics and perfect animation like this barely touching the 30% mark and I realize it probably can, the contractor we hired was just garbage, and I'm admittedly not a lot better (but I never claimed to be the professional)
The third party payroll web application my employer uses not only requires Java, but also Flash.

It should be burned in holy fire.

There was a time, where Java and Flash in the browser was acceptable (Java not so much though...)
I personally ever refused to learn flash-programming, because I always thought, that flash doesn't have a future and will die sooner or later. This was in the year 2004. Flash lived longer as I wished it would.

I programmed a Java-Applet back then (video-streaming and engine-control over the internet) but I realised, that Java is not the way to go for client-side code.
I completely switched to Javascript for client-side coding back then and still use it.

On the server-side Java is great on the other hand and I make a living programming Web-Applications based on server-side Java-Frameworks.
Anyone remember silverlight?

Yes, I installed it once, but I only fund one application using it. This was really a dead-birth.
I hated it because there was no Linux support for it.
I am surprised to find that crosscode is playable on a 1.5GHz c2d laptop, I guess at about 15-20fps. CPU usage is 30%, when loading it's 50%. I wonder if it uses multithreading.
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Sorry for the confusion.
I'm able to write G-Code & Heidenhain scrips for CNC's, click LVD-programs together, write C/C++ code for AVR's.
If it's really needed, I could try to remember ST / AWL / FUB to write SPS code.

But I never dared to touch Java / Java script or anything distantly Web-based other then pure HTML.
Sorry for mixing them up.
And sorry for accidental starting a Java / Java Script rant.

I've played the CrossCode Demo on my old SurfacePro1 (1,7 GHz i5 Processor) and it runs really nice without overheating.
That's why I thought about that game & Pyra.

Now it's interesting t see what is earlier ready to ship.
CrossCode or the Pyra ;)

Thanks for your help
I figured javascript is just not the right language to have written this in.
function calling is slow, move the function code inside a loop, without code. Alias your math functions to faster local functions. Use shiftleft to divide. Functions with lots of if's: calculate them once, write it to a function string, then define the optimized function func = new Function(funcstr)... these were my notes when spidermonkey was just out (see attachment). JIT has advanced quite a bit, but some might still be true (like comments inside loops significantly making things slower... go figure). Also, use tinyjs or something that makes short variable names. This, also affects speed... (disclaimer: this was true 5 years ago on FF, probably still is.). The reversed forloop (counting down) is much much faster that counting up. And things like that. At the time I did not test V8, so again: might not hold up in 2017...
for the curious: Sphere is a game engine


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FWIW, I think Java has eked out a space in server or end user applications, but as a client-side tech in a web environment, it's just too powerful and has had one too many security hole to be trustable these days. But then I'm not a big fan of any server specced code running on my client, be it flash, java or javascript, although java was the first one I uninstalled from my browser back in the day.