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Aug 16, 2004
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dont get me wrong, its really cool theyre gonna make one, i just think its kind of a quantum leap. although the snes emulators are good, there is still plenty of room for improvement. :) and what about nintendo 64? :blink: i think the psx is stronger than the n64, so wouldnt an n64 emulator be easier? and the game files would be really big, i presume. maybe bigger than a 128mb memory card could handle? :huh:
Why do you need a million PSX threads???????????

128MB Storage space is big enough for PSX Games... Ridgeracer can be ripped down to 8mb and others can be ripped to 500kb - 20mb
N64 is more powerfull than the psx:

CPU: 64-bit R4300i RISC (93.75MHz) / 64-bit data paths, registers with 5-stage pipelining
Co-processor: 64-bit RISC (62.5MHz)
RAM: 4MB (36Mb) upgradeable
Graphics: Pixel Drawing Processor (RDP) built into co-processor
As much as i'd like an N64 emulator on my favorite handheld, I must say it's impossible. N64 is far too powerful for Gamepark32, which has no 3d hardware at all. It seems logical to just wait for Nintendo DS to come out, which sports N64 games as well as a few GC titles.
ill probably get a ds for christmas... wait whoa!! it might play some gamecube games?! :lol:
hold on... if 1-3 fps is the gp32s max potential, then arent those guys making the psx emulator wasting their time?
hold on... if 1-3 fps is the gp32s max potential, then arent those guys making the psx emulator wasting their time?
I consider it a success. The goal was to get a psx game working on GP32, even though it's not fully playable they did just that. I guess some people strive to expand the limits of GP32 and open up new worlds of possibility, because awhile back I remember people saying that Snes emulation wasn't possible.
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now i havent posted for a while but im al little grouch so sorry for intruding words
you mother $@#@$ idiot newbie just search around if you want and do a make a new thread about the same old thing god fucking damn <_<
i for one think this crap is going to far now. Seriously, why would you start another ps1 emu thread. Now are people just creating noobs to ask repeating questions to just piss people off?
I guess we're learning that not only do we get GP32 n00bs here, we get total internet forum n00bs here as well... don't worry... they're learning too ;)
Message to newcomer, and forums newbs : Most of the time, the search function is enabled on forums... can't think of a better time to use it... a thread like that was started like 1 or 2 days ago... please.... before posting anything... search or at least read the titles of previous topics!
A message to all you tight ass obsessive internet fags:

We all know he's a newbie, he didn't post just to piss you off. Shut up.
I'm thinking "PSX" is too short a word for the search... And nobody uses "Playstation". And if you try to use "PSONE", I'll eat your liver with some nice chianti. :blink: