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Jan 25, 2004
Sussex, England
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hey, my mate got a maxtor 120gb HD for his PS2 and HDLoader

He has connected it all up, but when he puts HDLoader in and turns the PS2 on it freezes at the splash screen

just wondering if anyone can help out
finty101 posted on Oct 17 2004 at 06:18 PM said:
Jumpers shouldn't cause this, if they are set wrong HDLoader just doesn't see the drive.

i am the one with the hd loader probs. i dont think its my ps2 cos i had here the hdd spin up and the led inside flashes as the hd loader splash screen appears. It might be the network adapter though i expect not, unless there is a known issue, ive got the ethernet only version. Doubt its the hard drive cos i can hear it spin up but prob will send it back anyway and get it replaced just to be sure, and i dont know if its the hd loader disc because when inserted with no hdd in it loads up error cos it cant find it, that says to me that its working. Any ideas guys? im stumped :(
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mattmagoo posted on Oct 17 2004 at 05:54 PM said:
He has connected it all up, but when he puts HDLoader in and turns the PS2 on it freezes at the splash screen

By splash screen do you mean the PS2's boot-up animation or the HDloader's blue/silver logo screen? It it's the latter it's almost certainly a fault with the disc, unfortunately :(

EDIT: just caught your last post. Try your hooking up your HDD to your PC and see if it works with that.
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how do i do that? sorry for being a tard, cos i am u know. do i just take out my HDD in my pc and replace it with the one for my ps2? lol
There should be a second slot in your compurt. Get matt to fit it if you don't know how (assuming he can), then PS2 format it with winhiip.
ok i can do that, is it worth putting my hd from my pc in my ps2, or will it overwrite the stuff on my hd like saved coursework?
sam fisher posted on Oct 17 2004 at 07:09 PM said:
Yeah mr mattmagoo

Your name is funny!

*runs to hide in lock*

*shout of of locker*

"sprites and tileset for the sam games!"


youll get your damned sprites
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sorry. I nag as a sort of joke thing. Take months if you want as i have plenty of school stuff. Like i should be doing the last 3 pages of my course work carefully yet im doing them in 20 mins.
ok just tried to, but the fan on my motherboard is blocking me inserting the hard drive so i coudlnt put it in, laos what do i have to set it to jumper settings wise. I am thinking of leaving the case open with the hard drive attached no a couple of books or summin' a good idea?
It needs to be set to master, and you can just leave the case open.

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Ok if you format using your PC and it does not work immediately with HDLoader wait a bit on the splash screen. My HDLoader still sometimes hangs or asks if I agree to the conditions of use. But its great when it finally works.
I do remember having similar problems with a Maxtor 120Gb Diamondmax drive though.
just tried and it didnt even spin or anything, couldnt find it in winhiip either. Can u remember what u did Y2G? i cood really do with the help, think im gonna send this hdd back tho.
gonna try it on one more ps2 when i get home tonight and if it doesnt work then, then i will send the hdd back and get a new one.
worked on a friends ps2 so mine must have a fault or something, but im just gonna swap ps2's with him :D