Ps3 - Ps2 Compatibility In Australia


The Hallucinogenic Elf
Sep 28, 2005
Sydney, Australia
I wanna buy my little brother a PS3 for his birthday. He is very much a Playstation guy saving up for a PS3.

Anyway, I know he wants to play his PS2 games on his PS3.

I noticed that in Australia, you can only get the 40G version which I understand cannot play PS2 games.

Does this mean I have to buy one from overseas? Where should I get it from. I guess it has to be PAL and English, so UK maybe? Will there be any region issues?

Any advice would be greatly appriciated.
I checked wikipedia, and apparently there is a 60GB PAL version you can get. I don't know about the availability in AU, but in the USA it's becoming increasingly harder to find a 60GB now that the 40GB has taken over. I would suggest ebay, you can grab one there for a pretty good price.

For more info on the stats of the PAL PS3s, check here
If I was you I'd just get the 40GB one with a couple of games, chances are he will never look at his PS2 games again, and if he ever does he could always play them on the PS2 ;).

There are some good deals on at the minute. I picked up a 40GB version with 2 controllers, Resistance and Sega rally for £300 recently.
I know my brother and I know he wants to play his PS2 games on it.

I'll just hope that Australia gets a 80GB model by then, or some modchip get released allowing imports to run. (Including bluray and DVD)

Crossing my fingers here.
Well I very much doubt there will be any more PS3's released with PS2 compatibility, it's just not something sony are likely to do. Any future models will probably just be the current 40GB models with larger hard drives installed.

You could always try and pick up a 60GB UK model, I think these are the same region as Australia. Anyway games are region free so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

I think in the future sony will release an updated PS£ with PS2 compatibility but not for another couple of years.
I reckon we'll see a slimline PS3 before the year is out...
Nova: you talk crap. Aint gonna happen, it hasn't been out long enough.

As for ps2 compatibility, I have the 60gb version. How many times have I used backwards compatibility? Twice. Once for FFX (PAL black borders ahoy!) and once for Tomb Raider Legend (no issues, but I didn't really have any reason to play it again). I'd use it more, but my favourite games (KH2 and FFXII) are the American versions.

As for PS1 games, I've used it quite a few times for these, but this is availiable on the 40gb too as standard.

To be honest, some of the better PS3 games mean that you just won't bother.

You could try picking up a 60gb from the UK, but they're stupidly scarce nowadays.
I'm sick of seeing this Slimline PS3 rumour going about, it ain't gonna happen this early into the consoles life.