Ps2 Usb-extreme, Usb-advance


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Nov 24, 2003
If someone missed it:

Or in short:

" USBeXtreme allows you to convert your PS2 games to USB HDD and run directly from the USB HDD connected to your console. It is compatible with ALL version of PS2 (included PSX)."

So, i tryed this software , connected my USB external 80GB to my ps2slim, with crystal chip, and try to run some games from the usb-hd. ( I installed 5 Games with the Windows installer ).

Mhhh, what can i say, it is not working. The ps2 finds the usb-hd, displays the 5 Games on the HD, and if i selct one game, and press start, nothing, there is a loading message on the screen, but the game is not starting. So i tryed some other iso images with the hd-advance programm, the same result, not working. Formatted the usb-hd in different modes, nothing.

So someone knows if this software really works ? Or does it not work couse myps2 is already modded with a crystal chip. I also tryed different formwares for the crystal chip, nothing ...

So i gave up, what a pity, this Software looks so nice, but its not working...