Ps2 Memory Card Exploit


Sep 30, 2003
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RE:- other topics in this section both swap magic and hdloader are excellent products but there is a way to boot ps2 apps and homebrew using a small program which you put on your memory card and then insert a ps1 origional game to access.

I can't find all of the files necessary as everywhere I look they have been removed.And to be honest the instructions for compiling the disc look a bit beyond my abillitys.

So I was wondering if any one here already uses this memory card exploit and could tell me how to compile the disc. Or better still send me the disc image it dosent matter which ps1 game is used as the key disk as i will try to open the image using iso buster and change this. Or failing that buy the game in order to use it to open the exploit.

or if someone could make the image for me the only ps1 game I have to use is silent hill SLES_015.14

I already have swap magic so can install the program.I want it so my bro can put it on his memory card and play homebrew\divx\mp3 on his new ps2 which he does not want to open and void his warrenty

Thanks for any help you can give me

edit: the title is supposed to boot not bott!! I am a fuck wit!!