Problems with Entware


Still Fresh
Apr 26, 2003
The credit card bill came a couple of days ago and it appears I was charged twice for Moviepark. I posted on the JoyGP forum and got this response

On May 14th 2003, you payed KRW7000 for MoviePark and KRW7000 for Charging Mileages.

But it is too late to cancel your transaction.

So I can give you 7000 mileages if you don’t mentioned.

If you want to refund, let me know your paypal account. (Bank transfer fee is more than U$10.)

I'm unsure of what to do. Seems a bit off that they've let me be charged twice for one product.
I think its like points to get free stuff. Try threatining them with a lawsuit or something and scare them out of there panties :blink: .
although it would be quite trivial to do that over so little money.
I think the problemis far different...

when you ordered moviepark, you probably clicket twice on the button "pay" or "confirm" (many people are doing that as they are used to double click on an icon under windows)

this kind of problem can happen everywhere and it's not Entware's fault but yours...

I think their offer is quite interesting. Either you have a paypal account and then they will send you back your money, or you have 7000 milleage points.

1 milleage point = 1 korean won.
So, you can use those points to buy a game on entware