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Jun 9, 2003
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I've seen a topic or over the last few weeks with threads discussing that fact that most people who bother posting are upset, or that the happy consumers are busy playing with their toys and so aren't posting. I feel compelled therefore to make the following statements that hopefully help you fine folks who are still in queue waiting for your pandora's...

First, it's as good as you hope it will be. As near as I can tell every complaint I've seen about build issues (bowing by the screen, cracked this, nub that, etc) are ironed out. Mine could not be more perfect.

Second, while I am a premium purchaser and waited a mere 2-3 weeks for my pandora (I cannot imagine the patience the pre-orderers have, 2 weeks was plenty long enough for me) I do want to mention that my pandora was guaranteed to ship within 7 business days of purchase. It shipped on day 6 or 7 depending on time zone calculations. While this will obviously not help people who have been waiting years for theirs it is evidence that premium pandoras aren't going out before any and all pre-orders. The fact that it went out on the last possible day tells me that during the 5-6 days previous to my pandora shipping they crew were pumping out pandoras to pre-order purchasers and other folks as fast as possible.

Hopefully the fact that you pre-order folks are being taken care of as well as you can be within the confines of the premium arrangement helps ease the pain of waiting somewhat...

Just my 2c