Preconcieved notions about locale - A disscusion


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Dec 13, 2012
Hello everyone.

I thought it might be interesting to make a thread all about stereotypes based on region. What I'm thinking is that you post here what your preconcieved notions are about where other people live. So, since I an the OP the first couple posts would be replying to me (presumably) and then after that, people can reply to the other posts and state their thoughts on the locations of those people as well. It creates a chain of information almost. I always find it interesting to see what people assume about me simply because I am from Tennessee. Its anywhere from extremist conservative to funny music related facts.

Anyone else interested?
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You may like this Japanese anime called Hetalia axis powers . The second season is Hetalia World Series . It is all about personified countries . However it is all Japanese strerotypes of other countries . For instance Germany is a beer drinking , industrious soldier , while America is hyperactive bigot who constantly eats hamburgers and carries a gun and is extremely strong . Italy ( for whom the series is named ) is kind of a pasta loving man child who is luckless in love . England is kind of a stuck up Brit who drinks a lot but means well . Russia is a really tall man who is obsessed with vodka and sunflowers and is mentally cracked , He also bullies the Baltics . Prussia is a character who though no longer a country lives in Germany's house proclaiming himself and everything he does to be awesome . The Holy Roman Empire is one of the few female characters shown that often , mostly in flashbacks . Greece is kinda a lazy hippi that is obssed with cats and sleep .

There's many more characters but those are just the ones I thought of .