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How about Ygopro, a recreation of Yu-gi-oh by fans.

The game uses Irrlicht for graphics. I tried it with the software renderer and it works fine, except that some cards look odd and transparent.
I guess it could work with glshim. (or if irrlicht suppots GLES, use that instead)
There is a Pandora port of an older version (1.032.1).
I think I posted this in the wrong thread earlier, but does anyone want to try porting this?


I try to build it, but i have found some problems.
First it needs a good amount of libs and time (and i don't have many :( sorry)
It needs the following things:

Mako package to import into WxPython (via PIP) --- done

The Volk library ---- i have received an error here trying to compile (but maybe i have to use a bigger swap file...i'll retry) plus
i have hacked some cmake modules because it needs a new version of GIT , also i have to exclude the ORC library and no Docs via Doxygen.

Next in the chain it need to compile GNURadio

then FFTW library

then gr-osmosdr

and finally gprx

If i'll find some time i'll retry...but if someone want to try, i'm fine.
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Whoa, Freelancer on my Pandora would be a dream come true!!

Unfortunately, that github project hasn't been updated in awhile, and the OpenGL3.1 parts might be tough to convert to GLES.
I would say porting Freelancer would make you my hero, but you are already my hero.

Please port it anyway! Lol, this is one of my all-time favorite games, along with Diablo 2, and if I could get both working on my Pandora my life will be almost complete!!

Though they say "tech demo" so I'm not even sure how well Librelancer works in its current state.
[doublepost=1518373989,1518372826][/doublepost]So I've looked more into it, the Librelancer project is still not quite at a playable state. Much work left to be done.

No point porting it yet.
Caustic 3.2


No source, but there is a port request/petition for the Pyra right on their forum (link for relevance).
The developer is active on his own forum so perhaps if more folks voiced opinion over there he could be swayed a little bit to port once the Pyra is released.
It'd be awesome to see, in all honesty, since our next bet for a proper DAW was ReNoise (with no interest from that dev when it was brought up years ago - though I wonder if their perceptions have changed at all since).
Reverse engineered JavaScript/HTML5 version of Stick RPG (assets from the original?)

openKKnD, reverse engineering of the 199x RTS game KKnD, seems currently only visual studio/windows/DirectX

(PS: it seems my continuously posting of stuff here rubs some people the wrong way, therefore some explanation. This stuff is not a porting request (I don't have even a Pandora) but just some documentation of interesting source code I came across in my research for WP. Which might be lost and get unnoticed otherwise, therefore I push it here as central documentation place in lack of some other good place as it might be useful at some point for the Pyra or Pandora)