Please Help Me Get Cd Games Working In Temper


Still Fresh
Jan 17, 2010
I just got my wiz a few days ago and I have been able to load temper and picodrive and get roms to work. I am having a difficult time with turbografx cd games. Here is what I have done:

1. I loaded system cards in system card folder and titled them syscard1.bin, syscard2.bin, and syscard3.bin
2. I downloaded Cosmic Fantasy II and converted all .mp3 files to .ogg files
3. I loaded the folder called Cosmic Fantasy II in the temper folder games/temper/roms/cosmic_fantasyII/files
4. I ran temper and when it asked me to load rom I loaded the file titled cosmic fantasy.cue
5. I was taken to a menu where I could change configurations and I changed the system card to system card 1.
6. That was it. Nothing else happened. No matter what I just kept showing me the menu.
7. So, my question is this. Is this a problem with the syscard file or the game file?
8. The cosmic fantasy folder has files like this

track4.iso all the way to track98.iso
track3.ogg all the way to track97.ogg

Any help is greatly appreciated
Did you change the cue file to point to the new ogg files instead of the mp3? Does temper support ogg? at the bitrate you converted to?
So, there is good news and bad news. I downloaded the system cards again and put them in the syscard folder. I used exile as a test rom. Now, when I navigate to the exile.cue file I go to menu options and change the syscard to version 1. When I go back to the exile.cue file I hit run and the game loads. I see a screen that says cd rom system version 1.0. The game starts with an intro. However, the audio is very fast, almost like chipmunks on crack, and you can't understand what it is saying. Then the game freezes.

1. The exile folder has 1 .iso file, 1 .cue file and 38 .wav files.
2. I converted the .mp3 files to .wave files using a program called switch in mac.
3. Here are the settings for the .wav conversion.

settings = custom
format = pcm (other choice is gsm)
sample rate = 11025
channels = 2 (other options are auto or 1)

4. All .mp3 files are changed to .wav files in .cue file.
5. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of a good free program to convert .mp3 or .wav files to .ogg files in apple?
Wav files does to that on Temper. I convert to OGG using Xilithsoft converter, 90% of CD games works for me. I set the system card file to acd because it plays all sys1, sys2, sys3, acd games. It could be a game that's not compatible. Also change the contents in the cue file to OGG extensions, use Programmers Notepad to change the cue file. Unfortunately you use a Mac, I use a PC.

BTW, the best format is CUE and BIN. This rarely gives problem but does take a lot of space.