Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

Still very much interested. Please continue with the support notaz. The GP2X days were so special, lot of great devs like yourself developing great emu's and a wonderful retro community. It's just hasn't been the same since even with the dingoo and new GCW Zero, but that might change if it gets lots of users and dev support. BTW do you have any plans to support the zero?
Any plans for further versions of PSXRearmed for the GPH systems?
thanks for the update notaz. i still play with my caanoo regularly. my favorite games came out many years ago so i still go back to them from time to time so any news about improvements to this little handheld is great news to me.

i found a major bug. converted mp3's don't seem to work. they work in the picodrive version before this one. but the original bin/cue files work perfectly fine.
Still using my GP2X F-200, Wiz and Caanoo. Thanks for the update Notaz ! :D
Well, I just recently bought a Caanoo. Probabbly I won't be using it on a regular basis, but a new version of picodrive is always appreciated. 
sdm said:
Is tv out without frameskip now? Can input settings be saved? Didn't check yet by myself, would like to play battle city with usb joypad attached, my current version of Picodrive has the questioned problems.
Finally reached the hands - tv out works fine now. Input settings for attached gamepad still cannot be saved, not much trouble, don't mind setup it before playing.
Thanks a lot for the update.
Thank's, your contribution is always appreciated. I may not be that much active in the forums but I still use my old gp2x. It's the only handheld i have and i used it only to play genesis games with picodrive. I haven't tested this version but there are some graphic glitches on the previous ones that may not have been corrected. The first glitch is in the first level of the Steel empire, at the rail road section, there is a part where the rail is diagonal and the screen is rising, here the rail graphics are corrupted. The other game is rocket knight adventures, there's a level with some spike balls, this whole level has corrupted graphics, still playable tough.
I'll test this new version right away and hope you keep updating this amazing emulator. I'll sure try to provide usefull feedback.
Please don't stop developing this Emulator, this is the reason I love my gp2x f200 my ONLY request please can you make it more compatible with pier solar there are alot of sprite glitches, oh and strider is a bit glitchy.

That's it :)

Great work.

Yes still use caanoo, thank u for this update and any future updates to that device's emulators!
Thanks Notaz for the update!!!   PicoDrive is my fav simulator without a doubt and I see in this new version, Urban Strike finally works :)
The only "bug" I see as someone pointed before is that annoying sound when you press the Home button (I'm talking about the Caanoo version).
Please Notaz keep on updating it!
I've found a small bug in which the 6 button pad configuration is disabled (even though it's configured). To enable the 6 button pad configuration you have to enter the button key binding menu again. (F-100).
I just wanted to give a heartfelt "thank you very much!!!" to notaz for PicoDrive 1.91. My Caanoo is still my go-to emulation machine for 8 and 16 bit systems, and the 1.91 update to PicoDrive (which I googled even though I doubted there was anything above 1.80) allowed me to play Rent a Hero with the English translation patch.

Thank you very much, notaz!!!

I'm pretty sure no one will read my post (at least not notaz) but here are my feedbacks about this 1.91 build on Wiz:

Major issues:
- performance are worse than 1.80 on Sega-CD (try and compare Sonic CD fps for instance) and maybe Genesis as well but not really sure about that
- mp3 tracks do not work anymore for Sega-CD cso games (have to get my bin/cue back but they are much bigger...)

Minor issues:
- emulator menu takes about 1 second to appear (did not take so long before)
- sound volume can be set above 99 (up to 255, seems to be coded with 8bit value) but setting it above 99 has no effect

I guess notaz left Wiz scene, so thanks anyway for your great work, PicoDrive is a masterpiece. I will continue using 1.80 build as it's by far the best to me though.


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