Pandora's OTG port

Sep 22, 2009
carmel, indiana - united states
The Pandora's wiki calls it a USB mini-AB receptacle(I'm not familiar with these, or OTG ports, or USB mini-A types either for that matter), which means it is compatible with both mini-A&B type male plugs..right? My question is are there any devices/situations that require the use of a mini-A type male plug to be used in Pandora's OTG port? Can't you just acquire a mini-B male plug to ~whatever~(in adapter or cable form) to do the exact same thing or is a mini-A type needed for certain kinds of functionality?
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Mini-A is required for USB host mode. Technically you can short circuit two pins on a mini-B and get the same functionality.
Little background:

In general, there are two types of USB plugs (with loads of size variants), A and B. A plugs are used on the host end, like on your computer. B plugs are used on the gadget end, like in music players, printers, cell phones (usually) and cameras. OTG ports are funny because they can work either as a host or a gadget. Because of this they accept both A and B type plugs. The mode is selected based on the type of plug inserted. The important thing here is that at the end of each USB connection there's an A plug on the on end and B plug on the other. There may be hubs or extension cords or adapters on the way, but this is the big picture. Now, you can have a chain like this ('=' = cord, '|' = connection):

Pandora OTG female | mini A male === regular A female | regular A male ==== mouse

But also like this:

Pandora OTG female | mini B male === regular A male | regular A female on computer

In the first example the A end is in the pandora, so it works as a host for the mouse. In the second example the pandora has the B end, so it works as a gadget for the computer.