My Personal Concern - Is Zx-81 On Board?

zx-81 said:
Prophet said:

I've started keeping track of emus declared for Pandora by well known devs who don't yet have Pandora hardware. It's in my emulation sticky post on top of this board.

Can I put you down for some systems there? :) If yes, which ones?
All my gp2x ports can be ported to pandora without a lot of work, and since they are based on the same UI / engine, if i port and modify one of them to exploit all new hardware features of the pandora, then it will be very easy to do the same for all of them ;)

If you port, please overhaul your Standard GUI, I've never liked it much. Your Programms are great but the UI is a little bit complicated and slow to use, not very "Handheld-Console-like" and the font is to small (for GP2X) Just my opinion.
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Esn said:
I just noticed that tuskenraider hasn't posted since December 2006. :(

I wonder what he is doing now...

Blimey, I knew he hadn't been around for a while, but not that long. :(

Is anybody in touch with him?

We need the best lynx emulator on the :pandora1: did he release the source code?

EDIT: Yep - he did release the source I have found his site HERE
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