Pandora random reboots :-(


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Mar 1, 2004
Hi there,

I'll throw this out here in case it's a known issue - I seem to recall others mentioning it ages ago but can't be sure.

Yes, I took my Pandy on holiday last week and enjoyed playing through Super Mario World. However, I found my unit rebooted several times - in the end it became annoying, so I started using snes9x save state feature so I could actually progress.

I haven't really experienced this before apart from a couple of times that I was sure was due to the battery being a bit loose (place on a table, thing reboots) but now I'm thinking something is really wrong.

This and my wifi not working means perhaps I could send back - I would pay for shipping - and perhaps pay for an updated motherboard too (I would really like to have wifi working), incidently does anyone know the price for this?

I have firmware 1.5 (beta I think) with the really battery life and this seemed to happen mainly due to snes9x - oh also running at default 500Mhz (saving power whilst on holiday!). Obviously, I have looked after my little beauty, never dropped bashed bludgeoned etc!

Does sound like battery problems, maybe the battery in his unit doesnt fit well enough, causing power drops, with reboots as a result.

If its indeed not possible to fit the battery properly, it might need repairs.
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Hmmm, I must admit I didn't remove and re-insert the battery as it all seemed tightly held together. Very soon after recieving the unit a small piece of plastic broke off the battery cover, which could potentially reduce the 'clip-in-tight' effect, but it all seemed just fine until last week.

Well, I shall re-seat the battery tonight and have another crack at SMW for while and see what happens.

The only thing I thought it could be is a problem with snes9x itself but a program causing a reboot is unlikely I reckon...