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Trevsweb said:
can i ask a stupid question here rather in another post... playstation 2 emulation is a no go area? correct?... would the tech in the pandora be able to cope with it? my thoughts are no but someone please inform me just this once :D

Realtime emulation of the PS2 is not ever happening.
If you want to do it in slow motion, I'm sure someone can port something....
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;p; hence why i kept this in this topic. right point taken end of fail of failure notices. please keep this away from the lol files :p just wanted to be 100% clear since we have a semi working DC emu coming our way... (i was told the DC is more powerful than the ps2)

thanks for the info

I never said that I expected the emu to be full speed the day the Pandora's come out, I probably won't even get it for awhile after, maybe even until the emu comes out and is almost done. I'll keep watching to see what happens keep up the good work.

Guy`s, Girl`s, Fellow members, Please keep this topic "ON TOPIC", And not drag it through a unnecessary debate about copyright laws etc.

This is JayFoxRox`s thread after all. Please respect that.


Please.. Yes, Any updates?
(And one the DC being more powerful than the PS2. No. It's not. Its a great console, but it does not (Did not) have the potential of the PS2. Just look at MGS 3 and at a lesser extent GTA: SA (Yes, alot of that has to do with the available space of a DVD DL aswell.. 8GB Vs 1GB)
JayFoxRox said:

Is it me or is your comments section not working?

Tried posting this:
Thanks for the update mate always appreciated.
Have you RMA'd your BB?
When you get your Pandora, are you going to set up a similar development environment, as yours seems very custom to you. (Obviously more important if you get a Pandora before getting a functional BB)
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JayFoxRox said:
Commenting works fine, I just have to approve comments before - I made this so I really see and read every comment (and to filter out stupid questions)

Sorry mate didn't know
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JayFoxRox said:
Gruso said:
JayFoxRox keeps all his PSP emulator updates here:

Long story short: It's on hold for now, maybe he'll get back into it when he has hardware. If you hold your breath for a release you will turn purple and DIE.

Right now I'm doing research which will help me to write the emulator later, however, the emulator itself is not changing much at the moment. However, there is one stable version which runs basic homebrew games.
And IrDA ( is also working in an older version, it was trivial to implement (meaning it won't be a problem to have it in the newer version too again). So if your devices support IrDA you can just stick to the PSP emulator. I couldn't test it yet though because I don't have a IR transmitter (I will probably get a USB one once I know which are supported under linux and which can do more than just IrDA) and as I also wasn't able to find a library I just decided to route all IR functions to a file handle. A possible implementation would be to use this as input for another application which implements the IrDA signal on its own and then uses the parallel port with an IR diode directly attached to it (I doubt that this is fast enough though in which case the second application would have to use some sort of library for example).
Raw IR signals are not working at all yet though (because its depends on timing which is not emulated yet).

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If you want more infos you should idle on the Pandora IRC (found in the chat section of the community blog). Should be #openpandora on freenode.
I give lots of updates there about anything I do - including lots of PSP research etc.
Please note that the screenshots below are not from an emulated game but from the emulated graphics hardware - there is no CPU emulation yet. The games you see don't work on Pandora at all at the moment!

I should have updated this earlier but meh..

This is actually a reply to another post but I decided to not highjack the thread and hence reply here.

MonkeyChops said:
btw, did you ever get your Pandora, JayFoxRox? Maybe you could start up your PSP emu again if you got a free one? :D

Yes, I got a one nubber. And yes, I actually started work on the PSP emu again (to be more exact: never really stopped since my Pandora emu works ;) ). However, I don't really like how unstable the OS is at the moment and the development process right now is harder than on other systems. So after testing my input driver (which works, but is probably useless because of the bad nub hardware) I only worked on Guitars on Fire, SDK stuff and lots of SGX related reverse engineering and testing. But after that I didn't have much time anymore nor much to test on the real hardware as most stuff does also work in my Pandora emulator. So I ended up giving the Pandora to Creature XL for some time (2 weeks I believe?). I just got it back today and plan to test more SGX related things - stuff that I can't do in my Pandora emulator, stuff that might speed up other applications like mupen too. Right now I'm busy working on my stuff for Evoke too.

You can keep track of my projects (more or less) on my homepage ( in the screenshots section:


(First time running my PSP Emu on my own Pandora - it's a recompiled PSP sample with my emulated OS)


(Rendering tests with dumped PSP memory (as I have no CPU emulator yet in the current version) - the game is Ridge Racer)


(Some GPGPU for the vertex colors which is buggy on my nvidia card but works fine on the Pandora - the game is THUG2R)


(Ridge racer menu with missing sprites)

Some of this stuff is already outdated again or needs background details - since I don't have the time for that just note that I'm still working on this ;)

It's also worth to note that my blogs on this forum are dead because a forum error prevents me from accessing them myself.
- I actually tried to move all posts to my own blog where I can update more easily and have more advanced diagrams and such. However, since the transition failed (partly because of textpattern, now drupal; partly by this forums blog feature and partly because I'm just lazy), there is no place to post updates at the moment.
The best place to get any information is usually the Pandora IRC channel which I mentioned before already. Whenever I work on something I usually mention it there and link related screenshots directly.
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