Pandora in Popular Science magazine


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Jan 23, 2011
So I just got my copy of Popular Science Magazine and I flick to page 20 and what do I see, yep a double page spread on the Pandora. This time it's a good story , and in a actual printed mag. Well done guys, youre on your way.

There was also a mention in a different section of the the icontrolpad.

Here's some photos I took of the mag and article

I have a higher res photo that you can read, but posting images to this forum has got me stumped.
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I give up, If someone wants a high res image of the article, let me know how I can load it up here. Nothing seems to work for me.
Added the Popular Science Story as an attached file

Awesome news! Hopefully there is a nice flood of in-coming peoples, and that they know what they are getting into well enough to make themselves home in the community.
Good find, overall an excellent read :)

the GP2X - a rather obscure Chinese-built system

Maybe if GP2X was built during Qing Dynasty :)

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Popular Science is a great magazine, stories are always well written.

I have had a subscription to the mag for a number of years. It comes out monthly. This was the Feb edition.
It says smartphones have 'superior capacitive touch' Grmumblecogh! :wacko:
Yeah, "superior..." and those call themselves scientists.
The article mentions Australia. Is this article in other versions for other countries or regions?
I can confirm that editions that come to Canada do NOT have this Pandora article. What a disappointment. They do have an mention on page 64 though.
This is the Aussie edition of Popular Science. I'm not sure if the other countries have the same stories, I tried to look online but everytime I try to go to it automatically redirects me to .

Man I hate when web sites do that. I cant see where to change the country/region in the site. I did also note that the story does not appear yet on the online only the printed version.
I emailed about why I couldn't access the US popsci site and got the stupidest response. While it sort of makes sense , I can't help but think they are censoring the net by doing this. Check there response below:

"As you are probably aware, we are the Australian license holders for Popular Science. We pay a large royalty for content. The site has various subscription offers and other items for sale that are not offered outside the US.

As a result, we and the owners of, Bonnier Corporation, do not want Australian browsers to be able to access the US site by default. We are currently publishing around 90% of the content on the US site, indeed everything various international image and text copyright agreements allow.

However, a resourceful user can still access the US site by means of a “web anonymizer” or VPN. You can Google these terms."
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That's a pretty good response IMO. Region restricted content is widespread and stupid, yes - but not many companies will give you suggestions for getting around it!

Anyway, I'll try to find a copy of this.
I give them Kudos for the suggested work around, it's not the suggestion per say, it's the censoring of a whole site that annoyed me. It's not like they region restricted you from seeing certain content on the site like I have seen done before, they stopped you accessing the site full stop. That bugs me.

The magazine is available at any Aussie newsagent . It's about $10
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