Pandora And Open Source Vs Closed Source

Will it not be possible to reliably turn off the possibility of the Pandora connecting to the internet? I haven't had any experience with Wi-Fi devices before... I have DSL at home and if I want to make sure that there's no internet connection, I just turn off the light switch (which turns off the modem as well). Will it be possible to do something like that on the Pandora?

I suppose it could also be possible to keep all of your sensitive files on one SDHC card, and take it out when you connect to the internet... :unsure:
Most (perhaps all) wifi devices have a switch to turn off the transceiver, because it uses a lot of power and also if you're on an airplane you have to turn it off. I'm not very impressed with the range and capability of wifi though, especially on portables. Its the damn FCC (and your local equivalent)'s fault because they don't want us to have any kind of powerful radio w/o a license.