Openjazz V0.0.1 Available :)


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Oct 22, 2004
Madrid, Spain
Here you have the first version of my Openjazz port to GP2X :)

At the moment there is no sound, but I will try to add it in next release.

I copy you here the readme.txt file:

*       OpenJazz       *
*        v0.0.1        *

Port from:
By: Israel Lopez Fernandez (Puck2099)
Contact and donations (Paypal):
Controls managed by Rlyeh's minilib.

What is OpenJazz?
It's an interpreter to play Jazz Jackrabbit game in its various editions (at the moment I have
tested it only using shareware edition).

How must I install it?
Unzip the files in any place of your SD card. Into the folder called openjazz it will create,
you will have to copy the files inclueded in Jazz Jackrabbit original game edition you prefer.
After that, you will be able to launch the game from games menu.

Is the source code available to download?
Yes, as it is said by GPL license, you can download the source code from my own website.
By the way, I warn you that the changes realised to the code are not enough "cleaned" nor
If you want to make any change, please, I would be very grateful if you contact me first
to avoid working two people in fixing the same bug :)

Joystick -> Moves Jazz or navegate into menu items.
A -> Jump.
B -> Shoot/Confirm menu item.
Y -> Change weapon.
START -> Go back in menus.

Changelog OpenJazz:
- First release.

You can download it here.

As always, sorry for my bad English :unsure:

Quite amazing, I must say... admittedly, I can't seem to play past the first level,even, since it seems that the springs don't send you quite as high in this as in the old PC ver (either that, or you could combine a spring and a jump in a way which this doesn't let you do to get a higher bounce) so I can't get out of a lot of holes. But nonetheless, it's very very cool to see this on the 2x - especially when, imo, bochs doesn't have a hope in hell of getting anything like Jazz running at a decent framerate...

So thanks :)
Awesome, I was a big fan of this series in the past. A lot like sonic, but with a gun and powerups.

It even had crazy bonus levels!

I think my favorite was the christmas jazz game (which is freeware now!!!!)

Why not include it with the archive in the next release, it would make this more appealing to nubies, or those who don't want to hunt down shareware versions to try it.
Great job I've never played this game before, it's a lot of fun. Any chance of making the buttons configurable, I'd like to be able to hit the fire button while jumping. ie B-jump Y-fire. Just a suggestion. Thanx again great port.
Whoah. This is amazing - definitely more motivation to get a GP2X. :D

I own every single Jazz Jackrabbit game ever released (legally), so... yeah... :)

For those who've never owned a version, there are hundreds of small files in the main directory, not just one "exe" file.

Can anyone confirm how well it runs? Is it fullspeed?
very great,
but somehow it looks like there are frames skipped and the not centered screen looks a bit odd, i look forward to the next version!
Now I have to get myself a GP2X... :angry: :lol: (Unless you port it to the GP32, that is...)

This is one of my favorite games of all time! Thank you!
It'd be a good port if there weren't the somewhat annoying problem of the springs as mentioned already --- it's a bit easy to get trapped :angry:
It'd be a good port if there weren't the somewhat annoying problem of the springs as mentioned already --- it's a bit easy to get trapped :angry:

Have you tried Openjazz's PC version to see if it has the same problem? Maybe it is not a problem of my port but the original code... <_<
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