Open2X Beta Testing Kernels With Improved Sdhc Compatibility


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Nov 1, 2006
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If anyone out there had trouble with Open2X DR7's SDHC support I would like you to try a new version that hopefully fixes some or all of that incompatibility:

F100 version ( md5sum: 6337de68e1c542709d6165a75e6899bc )

F200 version ( md5sum: b49ecd164248f60bea71001712956a34 )

Copy the CORRECT kernel (gp2xkernel.img.f100 or gp2xkernel.img.f200) to the root of a NON-SDHC card. Rename it to gp2xkernel.img and connect the DC power or make SURE you have a good, fully charged set of batteries installed. Make sure there are no other gp2x*.img files present on the card. Turn the GP2X on with the card inserted holding SELECT+START and it will show "flashing firmware" screen..

Once the GP2X boots, please report your experiences with various SD cards, SDHC or not.

Thanks go to PulkoMandy from IRC for helping diagnose the issue.
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thx I'll try it with my kingston 4GB SDHC C4.


Quick test using the memory I described above
-mount and unmount works ok
-I still can't add links with the links on SD option enabled
-tested SD access with gngeo beta 11:
-the in game sound chops a little less compared with the previous firmware so I guess the SDHC access is better
-after quitting gngeo the unmount command no longer works (this wasn't the case with other emus in which the SD was unmounted with no problems).

I could have tried acces with sega CD emulation on picodrive but I thought gngeo was a better way.
Again, thank you for this release.
maybe a benckmarking program would be usefull here. i'll see if i make one after finishing my current project. Writing, reading and seeking a 50MiB file shoud be enougth for the gp2x, woulnd't it? ( with 400KiB/s that would take some minutes.)