Can Not Edit Gmenu2X Links (Installed On Inaccessible Nand)


Still Fresh
Sep 8, 2010
Thanks for reading this!
I'm having difficulties with my GP2X F100 MkII;

I bought it second hand, and it came installed with Open2X DR7 and Gmenu2X (which - as I now understand - is part of Open2X DR7). I could run several emulators just fine, but I couldn't edit the Gmenu2X menu from within (that is, I couldnt 'Add Section' or 'Add link in applications').
So only through starting up the applications by hand, by using the filebrowser, can I get to my games. Obviously, this is not how it should be.

How do i go about either setting up the 'built-in' GMenu2X (but as I cannot access the NAND for reasons unknown to me, this might be difficult) OR somehow importing my own GMenu2X settings (that is, the textfiles containing the links to applications) ?

What I tried, how I failed;
I put GMenu2X 0.9 on my 8Gb SDHC card.
The autorun.gpe contains;

cd /mnt/sd/gmenu2x
exec ./gmenu2x

I set the GP2X to boot from the SD, and i get a new GMenu2X on screen, with some new sections and all the basic links. Then, after a few seconds or a few button presses, the screen flickers quickly to and fro what seems like two instances of GMenu2X (one orange [the open2x one], one blue [the one on the SD card]). Selections affect both menus, so one button press will create two results in each of the instances. Weird!

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm worried I might try other things while in this uninformed state and ruin my GP2X.