Experimental Sdhc Support For Gp2x

This release only works with 2.1.1

I haven't tried it yet, but it's been tested for quite a while now and nobody has reported it breaking anything. You can easily change back to the old version, it doesn't change your bootloader so there's no risk of a full bricking.

This post has complete installation instructions. Skip to step 5 because you're not using fw 3.0.
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Hi ^^

I orderd 2x 16 gb SDHC transcend Class 6 for 54 euro each a few weeks ago.
Last 2 weeks i tested and tryed many things with them.

both works perfectly on my F100 and fw 2.1.1 and got no probs so far.

Bigg ThnX for this Patch Notaz :D.
My 8gb pqi card works ok. (except when I copy files to it, I get i/o errors on linux, haven't tried win yet)

My "problem" is that when I copy it full of music (I use gp2x as a music/film player) that gmu only shows 999 songs. Other players don't seem to have recursive adds through a directory structure. Is there anyway to get around this?
I have an question before buying an SD card:

Does the following sd cards work ? :
Transcend Secure Digital High-Capacity,4096MB
Adata Secure Digital SDHC, 4096 MB
Ultron SD HighSpeed Secure Digital Card 4 GB
Bestmedia Platinum Secure Digital Card 4 GB
Kingston Secure Digital High-Capacity,4096MB, 2

And so which is the best ? and if possible can i take an bigger size?

Many thanks !

I thought id place it in here.

I ordered a 4GB sandisk SD card,
I have FW 2.0, do i need to upgrade
DTH said:

I thought id place it in here.

I ordered a 4GB sandisk SD card,
I have FW 2.0, do i need to upgrade
That Depends...

If the card is SDHC and your using an F100 or MKII then you'll need this patched firmware to run it. If its non SDHC then it will work with the gp2x F100 and MKII natively. I was using a 4 gb trancend 150x card with my MKII for 2 years with no problems. However, since installing Notaz's patched firmware Im using a 16 gb patriot class 6 SDHC card which is selling for 70 bux (US) on newegg,com right now.

Hope this is helpful. :)
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Ah, somebody's verified that the 16GB card that I bought from Newegg will work. No more having to swap cards. :D

But now I have to wait for my 2 gigs of music, ROMs, and games to copy over. :p
As promised, I've backported 4.0.0 SDHC code to 2.1.1, see my first post. All those who had problems with my previous patch may want to try the new one.
Nice! Works great! Thanks for the update, notaz.

works great and was easy to use. since i now have an f200 and gave my ex the f100 I had, with the patch she was able to use an sdhc card she got for another purpose (not knowing about sdhc incompatibility issues) and was unable to use for that purpose, on the f100 gp2x. so basically got use out of an sdhc card that would have had no use.
A late reply perhaps, but many thanks for this. My F100 is now working with w Transcend 6x 16GB card. Very nice too!
Anyone get frame loss or stuttering when playing back xvid from the SDHC?

Its a fast card (Class 4, faster than the old one by a factor of ~3).

Using the plain old GPH Mplayer, its very noticeable.

Would this be caused by disabling read-ahead? (And by the same logic be FIXED by enabling it ?)