Older Folks - Favourite Console Ever?

What's your favourite 2nd gen console of all time?

  • Fairchild Channel F

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  • Atari 2600

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  • Magnavox Odyssey

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  • Mattel Intellivsion

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  • Colecovision

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  • Atari 5200

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  • Nintendo Game & Watch

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  • Milton Bradley Vectrex

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Nov 9, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
This poll is probably aimed at the older users of the forum as I would imagine the younger lot would not have been around for some of the earlier generations :)

I'm not bothering with the 1st gen consoles as they were, well lets face it, crap. :)
I know that this statement is fairly subjective, so sorry to all those 1st gen console lovers.

Therefor i've started at 2nd gen consoles and all the way to 4th as there are only 3 questions allowed per poll.
Not all consoles are listed. I'll create another poll with the remaining, later generations.

The poll would probably not work if the forum was localized as I've found that "favorite" consoles have a high correlation to geographical placement. ie. Brazil == SMS.

Thanks for your participation.
:( The ZX Spectrum was my pride and joy when I was younger, saying that I still have it in my attic and it still works fine. The tapes seem to be degrading slowly. :( Boy! I don't miss the annoying loading screens and sounds, but would like to hear it again for nostalgia purposes. :D
For me it was the Jaguar and Atari 400.
The Jag was also the most disappointing, but Alien Vs Predator was so much fun at the time, and so very scary on a 10foot wide screen in a darkened room that it made it all worthwhile.
Didn't care much for consoles when I was young. Mostly played on homecomputers (sharp mz, c64, atari-st) but I did play some Atari 2600 and love the SNES and Genesis these days because of great emulators (especially on the GP2X).
I hated the NES, because of its childish image. Only now I realize that console had some gems as well.

If you take nostalgic feelings in consideration, the superior Sharp MZ-800 with CP/M capability beats them all :D
2600 is 2nd gen? Not many devices before that :)

You mention Amiga CDTV but not Amniga or ST .. tough choice toinclude CDTV I know, but my family had the ST so we skipped the NES and SNMES era of consoles entirely (looked down my nose at them until much later.) Hard for me to vote, so I threw my weight behind C64 .. so there :)

Your next poll.. favourite platform for running a BBS on! :p

Loved the 2600 as a ki-- hey, just exactly what do you mean by 'older?'

I'm, uh.. too young to vote here. Yeah...

But seriously... 2600, NES, SNES. I resisted the Nintendo revolution as long as I could, really. Tried to love the Genesis. But those damn little gray boxes were everywhere. Back in the summer of '86, I think it was... Hey!!! Get off my lawn!!
skeezix said:
You mention Amiga CDTV but not Amniga or ST
That because the CDTV was sold more as a multimedia device without a keyboard... so closer to a console than the Amiga or ST i guess.

I'm a huge C64/Amiga supporter myself.
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Pretty much the results I was expecting based on the popularity of the systems. C64 came a close second to NES which was probably my favorite of all time. Atari 2600 had a ton of games but I never really liked the system even when I was younger and that was all there was. Colecovision kicked its butt big time.