Portable Console Database And Quiz


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Jan 31, 2006
Here is a cool community project idea that I had on my mind for a longer while.

Essentially a database viewer with dedicated pages that hold information of all consoles (maybe not the next gen) with their system specs, different iterations and versions, a history tab for every one, the best known games and mascots, creators. There could also be recommendations for emulators on the different platforms for this program.

Then there needs to be a quiz option. pick categories, a difficulty and then generate a console quiz. Based on a small statistic for categories and difficulty you can earn achievements and score, maybe unlock little badges. I figure this would be simple enough for someone who knows their stuff with databases. There have been a couple of quiz programs for the gp2x as I remember, at least one thing with the countries and capitols of the world.

Newbies to retro gaming could look up consoles and learn about systems they don't know about yet. Of course you could do all that on the internet but how cool is it to just take your pokedex like console tome out of your pocket and browse it on the go or when you are having a nerd dispute with your friends.

I don't know if it could be done but I would also imagine a way to add new data with some sort of template to keep it standadized, and people could submit game reviews or modification tutorials/repair info. That would just be a gimmick though. The quiz and the database are the main idea. Keeping it crossplatform should be simple, no fancy 3d, no performance intensive stuff etc.

What do you think?