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Dec 16, 2009
> wat bash -c  'echo $[`date -d 2013-02-15\ 11:59pm\ GMT +%s` - `date +%s`]'

Deadline seems to have passed now ...


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Apr 5, 2012
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What is the policy w.r.t. the "Open Source" bonus if the entry is a port of something that already was Open Source (e.g. most entries in the Applications and Ported Game categories)? Isn't it a bit "easy" to get that bonus for a decision that isn't up to the submitter of the entry to take? Just a question - no problem for me to give the bonus to the winners in those categories, but it just feels like it would be more appropriate to give the bonus to the original authors (the ones who decided on the license) than the one who did the port.

Also, what exactly does "if the source is released" mean? Is it enough to privately release the code to the jury, does the code need to be publicly available, does "release" imply that redistribution and/or modification and/or porting should also be possible, or is a "you can read it but you cannot touch it" source code release enough?


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Oct 6, 2008
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Presumably, by providing a bonus, ED wants to support open source releases. On that basis, I don't see that it matters whether it's open source because of a choice of license, or a choice of what to port. Granted, from the point of view of wanting more open source projects out there, an original open source project aces a post of an existing project to a slightly new architecture, but I'd guess ED's point of view is that it's making the Pandora more attractive as a home of open source games and apps.

Regarding source release, traditionally released software is not just privately emailed, unless it's emailed with a note that it may not be redistributed. Since the use of that phrase is part of the rules explaining why ED wants open source releases, that would imply that freely redistributable, under condition of whatever open source license the author chooses.