Off To Korea, Gpx2 Awaits!


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Feb 3, 2003
Hello everyone,

I'm back in the UK, and I rather liked Seoul, It is very clean and nice, probably one of the most amazing cities i've visited.

Anyway ;)

Later today I will have the photos ready, video will take longer as i have to capture, compress etc. and I already have to re-learn how to do that as it isn't something I do often.

I'll be putting the new GBAX online soon (give me a few days) and starting to take orders later in the month with delivery for October. We should have a real GPx2 soon to show off.

I can confirm the price for the first batch at around £100-£105 ex vat. This may change depending on exchange rates and if we have to pay a new manufacturing penalty (some EU law on pollution and plastics).

It should come with a free game/demo or 2, not sure what yet. 3D content is certainly planned for the system.





Its been a long week, but everything is complete. Today I visited the factory and met the people who are building the console.

It will be black in colour. All the specs are complete, nothing will now be changed.

It will ship in October. So get those preorders in! Unit numbers are outragiously limited before xmas but we will do our best! At the moment we have enough units coming to fill all preorders, but I think come xmas there will be a shortage.

I have seen it running linux based emulators today and the performace (FS 0) was amazing considering they don't have asm cores! Movie playback was perfect. I have video of all my adventures.

Devs, I will be in touch re the boards in the next 10 days. Will try to be on #gp32dev tonight.



Hello again,

After reviewing everything (i'm visiting the factory on monday) I can say i'm even more pleased with the machine than I was previously.

I have no doubt it will be able to emulate even more than we had expected, its very powerful with those 2 cores.

Battery life will be an impressive 6-10 hours (depending on clock speeds).

Confirmation of preorders should begin in september.




Just been having a day off today and exploring the city.

Hardware wise I think it can do everything we hoped (for devs yes you can do BOTH those things and that includes booting from SD and not the OS).

However until monday I can't say much more.

I have footage of it in use and some new pictures of the unit, but curently I have no way to get them onto the net.



Hello again :)

I'm posting this from Gameparks offices :)

I've seen the gpx2, i've seen the movie playback (which can be the full res on tv out), i've got all the answers to questions dev wise, i've taken loads of photos and video.

You are going to like it.



Hello! :)

I am in Seoul, in an amazing hotel on the 23rd floor with a view of the city which is stunning.

Anyway, met with Gamepark, off to see the GPx2 today :)

Weather is raining but warm, this is a really cool town, i'm looking forward to exploring it.



Hello Everyone,

On tuesday i'm off to Korea to visit Gamepark Holdings and get the scoop on the GPx2 and also to let them know what we are thinking ;)

I shall use this thread to post about my adventure as it happens.

I'm taking my camera and video camera (a sony one, ha!) so I can post some photos.

Now I shall goto bed as tomorrow a lot of preparation needs to take place! Then a LONG flight with one stop, need to fill the GP with games for that!



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Feb 15, 2003
take care craigx,

Its been nearly a year or 2 since I replied on this site.
But...I have been following closely on everything GamePark. Its great to be back.
Bring us some good stuff Craigx.

just FYI.....
it feels like I came back home to family. kinda.. <_<


Apr 25, 2003
TJFBryant posted on Aug 22 2005 at 03:19 AM said:
Its been nearly a year or 2 since I replied on this site.
But...I have been following closely on everything GamePark. Its great to be back.
Bring us some good stuff Craigx.

just FYI.....
it feels like I came back home to family. kinda.. <_<

I'm with you, though I watch these forums I rarely post these days.

I retired my tired old original GP32 a month or so back, it was seriously showing signs of its age and i thought it good to let it die. Such timing, like a week later all this who-har about the new GPs starts up. :)

can't wait to learn more... Get as much info as you can Craig, try to take one through its paces and let us know how it plays. I beg you to be honest if it sucks in anyway, not so much for us, but for the developers so they can make any changes to the design before it hits the market.

Yesterday I watched some random playing gameboy in the departure lounge, suuure i pretended the newspaper was more interesting, but inside i was lamenting not having some portable gamage. :( curses to you random, curses to your pathetic gameboy. :angry:
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