Now that orders have been transferred to ED, who do I contact about my order?


Jan 10, 2011
I'm curious about the status of my order. I took part in the survey that Craig sent out and, to my understanding, my order is now with EvilDragon. Is there a specific e-mail address I can send my status request to? Do I PM ED instead? I want to figure out what to do from here. It's not in the cards for me to pay extra for mine, so I'd be happy just knowing what my spot in line is. It's been so long since I had a ballpark estimate of that, it's difficult to stay interested and hyped about my Pandora. What should I do?
it's not that your order is now with ED; just that ED will help sort out the mess in craigx's queue. Your order is still with him.

updates in the other parts of the forums indicated this is ongoing and people who opted to pay to upgrade their pandora are being treated in priority. 

Since you mentioned you couldn't afford to upgrade (same boat as me), you should receive an email about stuff a bit later... 

There should be an update in this forum eventually, too, to let us know what's up.
Legally, Craig is still responsible, yes, but I should be able to give you status updates soon.

Right now, we're having issues with the LCDs (more infos in a thread I'll post in a few minutes), which prevents us from shipping the next 60 or 70 units out.

Once that's resolved and shipping resumes, I can give some more estimations.

I don't have the full list from Craig yet, only got the orders I wanted to ship, but I'll ask for it, otherwise it will simply be a mess.