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Oct 8, 2005
This is the Nokia N-GAGE and N-GAGE QD Appreciation Thread.

I've decided to go back to collecting games (there aren't that many) for the Nokia N-GAGE.

Splinter Cell and Tomb Raider are my favourite games...I wish I could play The Elder Scrolls: Shadowkey :(

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I had a HUGE collection a few years back, and I actually sold it because I never used it. LOL I'm about all things "portable", so I bought an N-Gage as it had some decent games at the time. Sadly, Nokia didn't seem to have a clue at the time, and it was over before it ever really began.

I found, that the small display with the weird aspect ratio was a bad choice even back then. NOKIA could have made that much better.
I hope you didn't sell your collection at a lost :(
I had actually gotten most games pretty cheap, and I had a few gems in there as well(physical Virtua Cop, and a rare prototype). I may have made a few bucks, or broken even at worst(if I remember correctly). Sometimes you win, some times you loose, it's all apart of collecting ;)

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The n-gage has a few fungames. Bluetooth multiplayer of Puyo Puyo or King of Fighters for example. And Ashen (it´s like Quake). Sonic (if you haven´t played Sonic Advance to death). A friend has a complete collection and I got plenty of dublets from him the other year.
Once you have set it up (SIM card), it´s a quite okay handheld game system, screen could be a little brighter in sunlight, I see it as an alternative Gameboy Advance,but there are not too many exclusive games for it, I do enjoy its version of ColinMcRae Rally most of all games. I´d also like tohave Asphalt Urban 2 myself as well but this one is poarticularly expensve, while most games surely are still in the <10-Euro region.
N-Gage was cool, but was more at Siemens, Sony and Motorrola Phones, my Sister was Nokia but no N-Gage..

A N-Gage Emulator for the Pyra would be awesome :)