New Website!


Jan 4, 2004
I have just developed my first GP32 website. The download section is down, and 2 pages are not complete yet, but you can visit it. It would be great if I could get some suggestions on how to improve it.
Here is the link. GP32 Universe

Thanks :)
Erm.. why is it all made of giant pictures? Kinda strange that....
And you might want to change the title on the first page, or do you really have a "P32"?
Looks crap.

Hey, I'm just being honest. The fact that the webpage is made of images is kind of stupid. The tiling background for Downloads looks god-awful, and every image or text looks aliased to hell.

The javascript code in the middle of the webpage doesn't look to great either. The colour scheme is ugly, and would be a bitch to update.

Suggestions? Scrap everything, use tables, read guides on UI design, look at other professional websites for ideas on how to make webpages look good, make sure the webpage is easy to update.

I mean, the only thing that could make it worse is if you used animated gifs, embedded midi files and crappy flash all over it.

Also, whats with all the space pictures? What does that have to do with the GP32?

The website looks like something some 10 year old kid made in 1996 on geocities.
IMHO fansites are all about the content, so to hell with the design. What the GP community seems to be missing is a "Complete blithering idiots guide to..." site. I know you can find everything you need to know by trawling through the boards, the FAQs and GP32x etc but what would be cool is a site that brings together all the really useful info in a way that a complete newbie can understand.

There could be different sections for different issues raised time and again, eg:

Complete blithering idiots guide to getting your GP32 going for the first time.
Complete blithering idiots guide to what emulators are and how they work.
Complete blithering idiots guide to which emulators are the best and how to set them up.
Complete blithering idiots guide to flashing your firmware.
Complete blithering idiots guide to starting to program on your GP32.

...and so on.

I'd love to have a crack at it myself but unfortunately I'm a complete blithering idiot...

OK, I will take u up on that, Its end of term so i got two weeks off college for easter, I will do the first 3, but due to my lack of knowledge in coding (at the moment) and the fact that I dont fancy flashing my Firmware, I will not be able to do the last 2, i shud have it done by Friday!!
hey you have stolen my page name ... ok its dead now you can use it :D
well i hope yours will last longer than ours <_<

EDIT: Some Critics: Its not that we want to take you down but pictures are really crap.... use tables and/or frames... but that has already been said