New Update...


Jan 4, 2004
I have been working hard on the last update of my website, and I was wondering what everyone here thinks about it. I did a major update of the downloads section, and some downloads are not online yet for some reason, but they will be soon.
Here is the link GP32 Universe enjoy! :p
Looks good, although there is a big open space to the righ for my because of my res. For the downloads section, try to include a brief description for each piece of software. I assume you are going to have more than four downloads per page?
I am trying very hard to upgrade my website, and I found that on a lot of resolutions my page looks ok, but I will modify it. I am also planning on including more than 4 games per page
Please don't tell us each time you "upgrade" your site... ;)
You only put 4 new pics and downloads but I can't see any sensible purpose in your download page... :huh:

You said you worked hard on the last update but only 4 pics and downloads are new, is it hard to make a small update on a site?! :blink:

What is your site made for? Game download? :blink:

Please don't see any offense in my words. :)
It's certainly looking a lot better than your original effort. One thing I would suggest though, is that you dig into HTML a bit more. There is no reason why your page shouldn't work at any resolution. Instead of doing everything with image maps, you could use tables which would then stretch to fit the window, etc.