New on the board and new with Caanoo


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May 7, 2019
Hi there, just bought a Caanoo. What a great handheld!
Anyone in here still playing with their Cananoo?

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I use my Wiz from time to time. It's almost the same hardware.
Yeah it's a great device.
Every time I hear people chat about it I'm tempted to get it out again. Might actually do that when I finish work tonight though, interested to know if there's anything else available for it since the last time I booted it up, several years ago :)
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the analog only stick is debatable. It's annoying for porting where dpad control is expected.
most of us were disappointed in the performance over the gp2x. In some cases it wasnt any improvement. If i remember right the need to rotate the screen was a waste of cpu time (and there was no hw blitter like the gp2x). The caanoo also had that bezel overlapping the screen.
I like the AMOLED screen for the wiz, but some of the devices had screen rot.
It was neat it had GLES, but the performance wasnt too exciting.
So I own the wiz and the caanoo. I was never interested in the Caanoo because I already owned the GCW Zero, but what a lovely device the Canoo is!

Great build quality, great buttons, the analogue stick is good, much better than I expected.
And with 800 MhZ one can play many many games!
I just duig out my Wiz, gp2x, Caanoo and other detritus from over the years. All told, with all its worts, I sort of liked the Wiz for its small form factor and generally bright screen. Was good for playing Raiden in a pinch! With my large stack of ancient retro handhelds, thought I best not let them rot in drawers, get them into kiddos hands too :)

I always liked the Caanoo too, for all its issues. And the original gp2x with DaveC's stick mod, was grand as well. And and.. okay, loved them all.

But I'm messing aroudn with the Caanoo again, and saw this old thread. Why not reply .. theres some life in these old bones (not sure if talking about mine or the devices..)
Been playing through Road Rash 3 (MD) on the GP2X a good while this winter. Joystick should be very well for it on Canoo either. Also great on Canoo are the ScummVM games like Indy4.
yeah ScummVM was always a treasure, especially the versions with MIDI emulation. The Caanoo edition had touchscreen didn't it?

Will have to check it out again .. probabyl been 10 years since I played a ScummVM title :)
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Put my gp2x (f100) and Caanoo in a drawer a few years ago, but a recent purchase (Atari Lynx II) got me interested in emulation again.
I forgot what fun & amazing little systems these are, especially the Caanoo,.... and i also forgot just how difficult it can be to to get some programs running on them.
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Back to the CAANOO in 2021.
I’ve mine broken due to bad firmware update.. it’s so sad!! I can’t believe I cannot use it anymore because of a different SD card used to update it. Well in reality I did an downgrade to 1.0.1 and that caused the brick maybe :((