New Caanoo Owner. My Thoughts On The Console


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Jan 11, 2012
Hi All, Just wanted to give my comments on the Caanoo which I finally got and have been playing..
Firstly, The Thumbstick: Seems OK to be honest. Not brilliant but not terrible either. I suppose I would have preferred a D-Pad but the thumbstick is no real problem as far as i'm concerned. The other various buttons on the console are all fine and feel and work great. The screen is clear and a nice size and I don't care that some lines of pixels are lost around the edge because of the whole bezel problem thing. The overall weight is good. Build quality is good and better than the Dingoo which I found weak/easily breakable! Running emulators I find is a mixed bag. I bought the Caanoo mainly to run Mame and most of the games I like run great or really great. Am really enjoying Shinobi (fast and smooth), The Wonderboy games (running fantastic), Hang On (ace), P.O.W (great but not sure it's fullspeed) and Ghosts N Goblins (perfect). There are lots of great Mame games running excellently. Then there are the let-downs: Outrun, Double dragon, Street fighter 2, Golden Axe, all too slow and so on. Snes emulation is ok, Amiga not so great, Nes emulation is ok. The things I don't like are: The speakers on the back which get covered by your fingers during play. Terrible! Also I would have wanted the minimum volume setting to be lower because I play at night when it's really quiet in the house and the same goes for the minimum available screen brightness setting when playing in the dark which is way too bright in my opinion. Also the large USB port at the bottom of the console has a sharp edge on it which digs into my finger when i'm holding the console. So, was it worth buying? ..Well it is if you can get one for 70 quid or less. It's just another imperfect console to have some fun with while waiting for that perfect handheld to come along someday. I do kinda like the Caanoo overall despite lacking the serious power needed to run everything properly at fullspeed. To end on a positive, I will say that I'm now gonna go upstairs after a long day, switch on the Cannoo, lay back, run Shinobi in Mame, and definitely enjoy it and that's what counts :)
Yeah, great review, it's so true! D:
However Outrun does run perfect if you buy it from FunGp (I got it already in my caanoo!).
I don't know the other games but try them on Gngeo (if they are neogeo ones) or in Fba2x, Maybe will help you.
Roberto! :D

I don't have a Caanoo but in MAME try Double Dragon (bootleg) instead as it is usually faster than the parent set.
Nice little review! Same problem with the speakers but not with the USB port.
Also you really gonna appreciate the thumbstick/screen when you've played on a Yinlips G18.
Been playing around with the Yinlips and then i went on playing on the Caanoo again.

I think that the Caanoo is an undervalued piece of hardware.
It deserves more credit.
I tried Double Dragon bootleg but no luck, it's still too slow with sound. Am tempted to buy Outrun if you're sure it's up to speed when bought from Fungp.
If only Mame was still being worked on! It's so close to being amazing but just that little bit under speed in general. I wish the Dev's loved the Cannoo.
It's a cool little console all in all but the emulators just need those improvements which seem to not be happening. But anyway I must admit i'm enjoying a lot of my fave games running well.
Well maybe someday i'll get to play ALL my faves on a handheld fullspeed! :rolleyes:
I am so so stupid. I read outzone, wich is on fungp, but you wrote outrun! So sorry! :(
For outrun on mame try

Clock 750
video depth 8 but
video aspect scale
video sync DblBuf
Frame-Skip Auto
Sound On (44KHz fast)
CPU 100
Audio 100
Ram Tweaks (Up to you on this one doesn't seem to make much difference)
G Sensor - May as well use it

Won't be perfect but will be playable. Starts slow but will pick up speed after you get past the start line
Yep, maybe with some overclocking and tweaks you are nearly there. I enjoyed playing Street Fighter 2 on both my Wiz and Caanoo with overclocking by selecting the best memory tweaks and optimized CPU cores possible and while it's not 100% later that I checked in Mame on PC, it's quite playable and fun.
DJRoby4 said:
I am so so stupid. I read outzone, wich is on fungp, but you wrote outrun! So sorry! :(

hehheh no problem matey! :D Thanks for all your help guys i am playing around with the settings to get those improvements..
..and i am still loving shinobi and hang-on! both running full framerate smooth with sound.. ace!
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At first, I couldn't get Street Fighter II to run fast enough or smoothly for the life of me, but for some reason it works perfect now in Mame4All. Same with FBA, works great. all versions