New InfoNES GP32 v0.3LQ


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Mar 9, 2003
You can download it here

From the readme:

We've heard that Anders Granlund, who ported orginal InfoNES to GP32,
released its source few weeks ago.

We soon got interested in this project, and decided to join in this.
But, since we were too busy in some other works these days, there are
not many things that we improved in this program.

Yesterday, we heard that Rlyeh, who is a famous and skillful programmer
in this field, also is making another great nes-emu, fnes32.

So, to avoid duplication, we stopped this work and decided to release
just a patch version of InfoNES GP32 v0.3 and its source according to
General Public License.

This patch version v0.3LQ improved only in speed, compared with original v0.3

Now, we are the ones who looking forward to Rlyeh's fnes32 very much. ^.^;
And we are also finding another challengable works.
Awww, and they say competition is supposed to be good for progress. Looking forward to their new work though.
I agree competition is good for progress, but here's hoping they find something else that either needs improving or another new system to port! Besides, I'm sure they'll come back to NES if Ryleh's emu isn't good enough (gasp - I know it could never happen, but...)
A600, are you the guy from Jay's Factory?

If so, I want to talk deeply with you since I want to join forces. I've seen some misplaced tiles in some games like Megaman3 stage screen, or Kirby's Adventure. The tiles are also misplaced in the original infones 0.79J for win32 source. Do you want to fix that with me? We could join the forces upgrading both emus (I'd upgrade the GP32 version, and you could upgrade your native version).

It's just a mind to improve all versions.

I'll release the source code for fNES32 if you dont mind, once finished.

rlyeh posted on May 1 2003 said:
A600, are you the guy from Jay's Factory?

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A600 posted on May 1 2003 said:
>> A600, are you the guy from Jay's Factory?
> Nop
Hm, oh nice to meet you then!

Have you fixed those kind of problems with your version anyways? Cant try your beta at the moment.

It would be nice to get rid of all these nasty bugs, and keep informed the original author too about our changes.

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Siento la confusión Rlyeh pero yo no soy esa persona.
I'm not sure but maybe Guyfawkes knows who are they.