LJGP32 0.21 vs fNES32

Mofokubik posted on Jul 20 2003 said:
Your telling me you dont care about the mhz an emu uses, thats a little foolish isnt it? If lj is overclocked then it will fry your cpu and melt your screen. I dont think it is though because any serious developer knows its a bad thing to do...

And I have the fnes beta with bad sound and I like it. No need for anything better cause most of the music gets annoying anyways. The sound is fine but it doesnt have pcm crap. But thats why I like it.
Yup, that's what I'm saying. I don't care what MHZ an emulator uses. As stated already 133mhz clocking will not harm your GP32.

As far as your argument of "well, I LIKE bad sound" ... uh, ok I guess. Isn't that kind of dumb?
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LJGP, GPEngine, and Moviepark(I assume) all run at 133MHz. These 3 programs account for 90% of my time spent on my GP32. Nothing's melted yet ;)

133MHz is generally considered to be the maximum safe speed. I'm fine with any program running at that speed as long as the results are good. If a programmer can get an emu to run at full speed with good sound at a lower CPU speed, then that's always a nice bonus, but it's certianly not manditory for me.
its not dumb though, im sacrificing the little sound that i need for better speed. Nes sound isnt all that much to brag about anyway. anyone would rather have better speed than better sound...

when i was talking about not caring about cpu speed, i meant going past the safe mhz, and overcloking to 166....
I think the bitrate limitation in moviepark isn't to do with processing speed, but to do with the read rate off the SMC... those things are SLOW