Mupen64 sources release


Dec 6, 2010
Attached are the sources I have been working on. It emulates, can't really play.

So what has been done:

The Core:

The core has been completely adapted to the Pandora and is utilizing the mupen 2.0 api standard, while retaining the options to be built on x86, and x86-64.

Video Plugins:

Broken. I have been rewriting both of them to the 2.0 api standard, mostly the one plugin the pandora community has created, and paul rewrote. The difficulty, was to re-adapt both plugins to SDL to follow the api, something I can't seem to master. They did both function, without the frame buffer, at one time.

Everything else:

The other plugins, with the controller plugin theoretically, work as intended.

What about Stradian?

Life hit me very fast, and very hard. I can't, for very serve and embarrassing reasons, explain the predicament before me. I hope someone with better know how and/or resources can pick up this project. Until said predicaments are reversed, I will not be around Open Pandora, or the internet in general. I would like to say to the Pandora team and the general userbase: you are awesome.




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thanks for all your time and effort with this and hope everything turns out ok for you
Sad to hear.

You made me happy with your try to improve Mupen 64. Hopefully someone skilled will finish your work.

I wish you the best for your future and our life become cheerfull and happy again.

Best wishes.

After one month I want to revive this thread.

Isn't anyone willing outside here to finish this project?