Multiple Doom2 Wads?


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Feb 19, 2003
I have DOOM2.wad (original doom 2) and I want to install Half Life which needs to be names DOOM2.wad in the same folder, renaming to HL.wad seems not to work. Also I want the Quake Doom which also needs to be called DOOM2.wad.

What I am really asking is can I have them all installed at the same time, if so how, and if not then there's my suggestion for v10 ;)
Does the doom port use absolute pathnames? If it doesn't, you can always make a bunch of different directories, and place both a copy of the executable and the appropriate WAD (in the the appropriate DOOM subfolder) in each separate directory.
Chances are, however, that the path it uses for wads is absolute. Soo.... use a hex editor. Make several copies of the doom.fxe, and edit the path (probably either gp:\gpmm\doom or gp:\game\doom) that it uses; replace the DOOM with different name (all of them four characters; add or delete anything in an executable, and the whole thihng will not work), and then put your wads in the directories you stated. Simple!
No guy this doesn't work. GpDoom looks only in GAME/DOOM.
I found the way to have Doom2 and all wads you want as Half Life, Western, Golden Eye, Hacx!

Open Doom Builder and open your doom2.wad (western for exemple) and resave it under any name you want and it will be transformed into pwad that you have to use with the original doom2.wad as an extra wad and it works perfectly!

So you can directly modify it with Wintex unlike original Doom2 wad.

Isn't it a great tip?
Why do hard thing when you can do simple one?!

My way is the best because you can play all wads you want and all of them are in GAME and are lighter because they don't contain Doom2 'cause you need it.
No need to change directory all time you want to change game, juste change the pwad selection in GPDoom!
Try you won't be disapointed!
thanks, ill try it out. But where can i get the tools? Please dont point to your FTP, since it never works for me.
wow, thanks. this is the first time, your ftp worked for me. So right now im downloading wintex 5.0 and Doombuilder. Hope ill check it out, if not, im going to download your hacked ones (they will take less space, wont they?)
Yes my ftp works perfectly well now.
Yes my hacked pwads take less space and have no bugs except Level 1 of Golden Eye because I have not worked on it.
My pwads don't contain original Doom2, this is why they are smaller, so buy it! :D
i allready got it. Thans anyway (damn, my ISDN is slow. i cant wait to have an extra SMC just with DOOM wads)
I think it's my upload that is slow.
My connection is 15Kbit/s in upload (60Kbit/s in download) so it's normal you are a little bit slow.
Thanks Drumaster

They are exactly what I wanted, an SMC full of DooM mods :)
sorry i'm new at this...

if I use Drummaster's way, where do I put the doom2 files that I got from his link? (

the files are doomsav1.dsg and doomsav2.dsg

someone help please...
sav.. it's not doom lol, files *.sav. you must to put doom.wad or doom2.wad on gp:/game/doom
Drumaster said:
And if you want my debugged versions of pwad it's here :

Don't forget you have to use them with Doom2! :D
Hacx :

Half Life :

Quake GP :

Western Doom :

Golden Eye :

Does any body Please know were to still get this files
links are dead
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