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Jun 8, 2003
Venice - ITALY
How do I use DooM wads? On PC I only needed to run a different exec, but on GP32? I choose DooM2 and the WAD? No, it doesn't work. Have I to hack the original DooM/DooM2.wad? Or I have to hack the external wads to add missing sprites from the original DooM?

Is there some mega-wad that you would suggest? I'd like to play total-conversions too, but first of all new episodes (36levels-packs) only.
All you should need to do is stick the wad files (doom.wad and/or doom2.wad) in /game/doom, launch gpdoom, choose doom 1 or 2 in the menu and press start..

Are you getting any errors?
I mean "how do I load 3rd parties WADs?". I managed to load Cleimos2, but not the others: do I need to hack them in some way? Can anyone help me, please?

I wonder if Craigix is working on zip support, as I had to upload 20MBs to play Claimos2 with DooM2!

And... can anyone suggest a good levels-pack?
On PC:
Some 3rd party wads, can load no problem... Some 3rd party wads need a modified exe to run.

On GP32
You can download a tool to make these wads run on their own (which combines wads with other necassary data): I don't know a link, but I think I remember CrazeePlaya mentioning that he uploaded them on his site [edit] - I think [/edit]. 'search' the forums or the news archives of the main news sites and you should find the tool.

Some doom wads are quite a lot of MBs.
Some smaller ones are not.
Combined/Modified wad's can end up quite big but zip support I doubt is necassary, how many doom levels do you need on one SMC?
You can use XWE to combine graphic wad files with level wad files to make your 'total' conversion work with GPDoom

I did this with the Goldeneye wads and goy it running fine.

You can't run certain wads as they require ZDoom or other modified doom engines with non original Doom additions like jumping.

Craig - would it be possible to port ZDoom ?
Doom with jumping isn't Doom. Leave that crap out, if standard Doom isn't good enough, play something else, like Quake.