Pandora MSP430 Launchpad and Pandora

Yeah, i figured since i am already planning my second project, an easy plug-in/out module would be useful. Also the reference is all there on the board itself if i need more than just the rx/tx and voltage.

Eventually, i would like circuit boards as well, but i have no clue how expensive it is to get a prototype made. Do you have any idea what it would cost to just get a small, 2 sided prototype made? Just a reference of what range would be nice, 10 euro, or 100. Really, no clue, and googling was not that helpful in this case.

And yeah, having loads of fun, but also quite an amount of frustration in the hours before the video ;)
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I'm keeping an eye on these:

I bought stuff in the past from both Futurlec (Thailand) and Seeedstudio (China). However, I have NO experience with both their PCB services. I will happily shop at Seeedstudio again. Also at Futurlec, but only if I'm not in a hurry and look at their prices with shipping and taxes in mind.

At Seeedstudio prices start at $10,- for 10 boards. Free shipping on orders over $50,-
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Wow, that's a lot cheaper than i expected, the idea i got from googling was that $10 would be the price of a single board at least.

I have already been messing a bit with expresspcb, mainly to test layouts for my solder board atm, but might be interesting if i get something to a more finished state.

Who knows, there might be more people interested in a PandoraBot ;)
Short Hardware video this time.

I wanted a switch on the outside to change program mode between serial and standalone. And i wanted it on top so i can just press it and it goes. So it had to look a bit good. The switch in the video i found in a local electronics store (don't remember what i payed, but well below a euro) and kind of looks like a gas refill cap on real sportscars (ok, with something sticking out).

Also used my Dremel to cut the board to a size that fits inside the car on top of the origial circuitry. Im still using one on board h-bridge and a voltage circuit for the steering motor

Well, it took a while, but: a video of the first standalone drive test!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The video quality is pretty bad. Very dark since it was recorded using my mobile (play it fullscreen for a bit more clarity). Also, the IR sensor is detecting the obstacles, but pretty late (it slams into it first ;) ) There are some delays that can probably be optimised, and also the actual sensing code can be recalibrated a bit more.

This was expected though, eventually i will be changing the IR sensors function to first sense the general light level, before activating the IR led, sensing again, and calculating the difference. That should improve obstacle collision a lot. And for my next project, i already have received an Ultrasonic Rangefinder and servo, so then it will be a non issue.

But since it does drive standalone, with PWM enabled while keeping the serial code for Pandora control in place, and somewhat functional IR sensing, i thought i'd share it anyway:


p.s. Blog Post Here
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Hi everyone!

i entered a Project of the month contest on, hence the silence lately. But this is what i've been working on:

My Contest Entry:

A Porsche Model Car with an MSP430G2252, movement, speed and (just for fun) shiftregister LEDs controlled over usb Serial by a Pandora Console.

With custom written Gui, And Touchscreen, D-Pad and ActionButton drive/program select.

And yes, wireless is next, but still deciding what hardware i want.

But the Video's show it pretty well, Enjoy!

Drive Tests:

For more information, parts overview, schematics and MSP430 code check:
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