Release Moonlight


Awesome work on this, it seems to have improved performance even further. This afternoon I played with windows desktop stuff while streaming spotify @ 15 fps on my Pandora's internal Wi-Fi and sound quality is more than half decent too. Yay! :D

With the 802.11n stick I have gotten about 8 minutes of perfect 20 fps streaming before it threw me out.
Somehow the lag, which was pretty low already, seems less big on 20 fps than on 15..
I know the Wi-Fi in my neighborhood is very congested so that might have to do something with that. I'll do a cabled check on that some time.

Also, great work on the nub selections and the key-combo to exit the stream.


Pandora 4 teh Win!
[doublepost=1515966206,1515964319][/doublepost]24 fps stable