Minimal startup examples for OpenGL ES and GLUTES


Still Fresh
Nov 11, 2010
I am looking for some minimal examples for starting developing for the pandora.

I saw that there is an example on the wiki for SDL and OpenGL ES, is this example the best starting point or is there some other better

starting point for OpenGLES.

I have tried searching the forum (searchterms like OpenGLES, OpenGL Es Nehe Tutorial etc) but I have not been able to find

any good small examples for the basic things, like making a polygon or loading a texture for the pandora and so on.

I vaguely remember seeing the nehe development examples (very small examples demonstrating for example polygons, texturing etc) for

the pandora but I have not been able to find them again (if I ever did find them in the first place that is).

I suggest a getting-started-with-openGLEs-on-pandora sticky topic so us newbies can have something to start from as I am sure there

are other developers that are also itching to get started but lack good examples to start from on the pandora.

Secondly, in windows and Linux I base most my projects on GLUT, has anyone tested the GLUTES reimplementation of GLUT, and is it useful

or a diversion from more complete API-s such as SDL for windowing,timers etc????