Mifi or USB 3G?

If it lasts about 6 hours using usb, how long do you think it lasts using bluetooth tethered to the phone? Also it's strange that the phone isn't drained using USB, I thought th 3g functionality would be powered by the phone itself; the Pandora isn't charging the phone at the same time it's connected by USB, does it?
the phone charges over usb, but if i'm surfing on the move, i do want my phone to be the last thing to go flat. I never got android to share internet over bluetooth, even with the software that claims it shold work (not rooted)
This topic has piqued my interest, can any mifi users explain a bit more about what it actually is (i would rather get forum member feedback, than advertising blurb) how user friendly (or not) it is with the pandora, do you have to sign up for a contract (i would rather not) what sort of speeds do you get etc.
I have the same model as Prometheus from 3, on a pay as you go basis as I hate contracts. Its basically a wireless, battery powered router in your pocket, offering a wifi hotspot for upto 5 devices to connect to that know your password. I get 3G or HSDPA(?) speeds around my area and it has good range if left about the house aswell. Speeds for downloads etc for my unit (that was <60kbs on my home router) are upto 600kbs but usually 300+ so its a big improvement but youtube is still hit an miss, though big downloads and torrents via transmission are possible now. Very user friendly once tweaked if its needed. A bit pricey though compared to a dongle, plus its one extra item (though small) to carry about. I'm very happy with mine.
MarioPandio has pretty much covered it all (and yes, it is HSDPA, where it's available, you do have that right ;) ), although I will add that I had problems using the device's browser interface with the version of Firefox that was available back in October when I got mine. I haven't had any need to check if that is still the case, though, since mine is now set up as I want it to be. If I wanted to send and receive SMS messages with it, though (which I don't, but which is possible with the Huawei model that Three offers), I would need to be able to access the browser interface for it.

Mine is on a contract (it's their "Mobile Broadband Lite", which I *think* they'll only offer as an incentive to get you to go with them for mobile broadband instead of someone else - it's about £8 per month, for 1GB of data, which is perfect for me), which means you get the device itself for less, but as Mario notes, it is available on Pay As You Go as well.
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