Weird Mifi Issues


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Aug 28, 2010
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Well I had long planned on picking up a MiFi unit and was pleased to see Prometheus had settled for one during her holiday, when she shared her wonderful adventures with us all... :)

Now I've had two Pandora's, as my first got the PSOD and its replacement also had very slow wifi sub 60kB/s.

I had figured there is a chance its my router (a PITA in general) and that perhaps the units weren't at fault. So I had planned a test drive of a mifi unit as an alternative and to obviously give me on the go internet, without a daft dongle stuck out the back of the Pandora.

It was a breeze to get up and running and things seemed good, as its certainly faster for general surfing and minitube 1.2pnd even gave its best performance so far, smoothly playing a clip for about 1 minute before locking up as usual. Previously only 10 seconds or so were possible and thus it was a write off at present.

My first day has not been as fun as I had hoped I then attempted to download something....

At first via Chromium I saw speeds in excess of 1400 kB/s as a download started and thought finally and with the Mifi unit reporting H for HSDPA speeds available in my area, I thought now were cooking with gas B)

Thats a possible 7.2 Mb/s and pretty soon I was getting 7's alright. Like Queeg 500 commenting on Holly's real IQ, it had a 7 in it but it wasnt 7000.

Infact it was 7kB/s and as low as 4. :(

Then the real fun started.....

During any download larger than 2MB the speed drops rapidly and then the Pandora re-handshakes with the mifi, which loses its 1 user connected status and often its internet connection. The Pandora resumes connection but the download is super slow again.

I then realised my own error here, as the Pandora was re-signing into my home network instead :rolleyes: So I disabled the home networks auto login, enabled it purely for the Mifi and tried again.

Computer says no.... :huh:

The Mifi unit loses its connection to the internet when the Pandora asks to reconnect and now it asks all the time, similar to when the toggle wifi hotkey was a requirement, except it doesnt reconnect, so now its like when the net access issues first reared their heads again. :blink:

To top it off, the Mifi unit requires the Pandora to cancel its in progress download, prior to it being able to reconnect itself to the 3 Network and has on several occasions hard crashed the mifi unit, such that you have to rip the battery to get it to turn off and reset itself. :unsure:

So I dived into the Mifi websites dashboard and re-jigged all the settings, resetting its SSID, passwords, encryption mode etc. You dont seem to able to change its channel?

Yet it still has issues.

It is reporting HSDPA speed available and is snappier for surfing, downloaded PrBoom (1.5mb) in like 2 seconds and yet on any bigger download it will cause the Pandora to wish to reconnect to it, which it wont, despite the password prompts and will then either require deleting the unfinished downloading job to allow the mifi unit to re-powder its nose, or crash the mifi unit entirely and require it to have its innards gutted. :(

Something is very messed up <_< but at least I have seen this Pandora reach speeds above 1000kB/s for a moment in time :p


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Mar 8, 2008
^ A good link. :) I will follow your lead here, and note that there's also this one, which ED posted a short while ago.
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Mar 5, 2009
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Hey, that's not fair. I think he posted that while I was using my crappy phone. That's a good ninja though.

p.s. still on crappy phone. Edits to come...

(Edit) As you can see... No longer on crappy phone.
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