Microsoft Released 248GB Patch for Gears of War 4 on Windows 10 PC

250GB? o_O

What are they putting in there?
That would take 24 hours if you have 25MBit/s internet connection, if you have enough free space to start with.
I have a 2Mbit DSL connection... o_O
248GB "patch" sounds so wrong, but I also noticed that Win10 Store has weird download numbers, it often diplays something like 400kb download size while it loads much more. Slow progress update, stupid.
Does the patched version of the game still run correctly?
If the Patch is that big, how big was then the entire game??
This have to be a lot of Blueray/DVD/Laserdiscs/Flobbys to fit this much data..
if I remember correctly, on my Notebook there are only 10 to 20 gig left..
And for a 248 gb Patch I ditnt want to know how many weeks I have to download..
My Internet isn't that slow anymore but 248 gig is still a lot..
I've done a fair bit of digging and I can't actually find any confirmation about this, just the same story repeated over and over again: one guy was hit with this massive update, tried to cancel it, and it just started over.
If there's another person affected I wasn't able to find them. It sounds like a one time glitch.
Some says that after restarting the download it became 100 Gb... so seems like a windows store bug
My data isn't free... so if there's any truth to this... that would be the most astronomically expensive game I've ever come across... on my usual R400 per 5gb... that would be about R20000 for the update alone.

If I switched networks I can get 100gb for R1500. .. That's about R3700 for the update... While a much better figure... its still insane.

Even if there's no truth to this, I'm staying well clear of that game. Good thing I have no interest in games like that anyway.

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