Metroid Ii In Color?


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Aug 21, 2009
The recent super metroid thread got me thinking about this.
Metroid II came out for the old black and white gameboy, and while at one point nintendo planned on making a color version for the gameboy color, they never did. Eventually some people on the internet went ahead and did it for them. There is a rom available that has the game in color, and they did a great job! The weird thing is, it's still a .gb rom, not a .gbc rom. On the pc emulator I use, it plays great and in full color, looking like a nes or gbc game. The emulator on my windows mobile phone still plays it in black and white though. Has anybody on here tried this rom in lemonboy? Does it work? Thanks!
It works.

I just tested it with Lemonboy. Just make sure the options are set to "default" color palette. Mine was automatically set on blue when I started for some reason but once changing it to "default" I got full color even with the *.gb extension.
kev256 said:
Awesome news! Thanks for testing this for me! :)

You're welcome! and thank you for posting, I didn't even know this patch existed beforehand, it looks nice too, might have to replay this myself now. haha.
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Only Pc version but...
Rivroner said:
Only Pc version but...

Wow, very cool! I love the new take on the classic music.
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chickendung said:
How is the ol' Lemonboy? Still stuttering sound and picky settings to make it slightly playable?

Unfortunately, yeah. It's definitely playable though. Just turn the sound off and listen to music.
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