Gameboy Emulator With Custom Colored Roms Support


Still Fresh
May 2, 2006
Hi. I use lemonboy2x while playing gb/gbc games on my :gp2x , and have a question regarding custom colored rom support. In general, a custom colored rom is by definition an original gameboy rom (not gameboy color), with the original monocrome pallette exchanged for a custom colored one. Imagine Super Mario Land 2 with a Mario wearing his iconic red suit, while the sky is blue, the "flower" pipes are green and the mushroom "maximizers" is red, just like a gameboy color game (the picture below).


As I have seen custom colored gb roms on the PC, is this possible on the :gp2x ?
Do you mean a color hack? If so, it should work fine.
Yep, color hack it is. Btw, I found a program named GB Colorizer just minutes ago, that also can output the selected gb rom as a gbc rom. GB Colorizer is used for the recoloring task on gb roms, and store the games color info as a gbp file.

Now onto the next question; is there some kind of archive on the web where users have stored their gbp files/ips patches for the original gb games, that turns the monochrome gb rom to a colored gbc rom? I haven't found any of those yet.