Maratis3D has a x86 Linux test build available now. It would be great if someone with a Pandora and a little experience could take a look and try to compile it for ARM Linux to see how it performs or if it even works.
Well, I built it on Linux-x64 and it runs great. Really looks like a nice environment so far, for making 3D games ..

Then I tried to build it on my Pandora and got quite far, but alas there is a dependency in the MContext class, on glee.h, and associated gl* functions.

If we had a drop-in GL-like extensions class for GLES1.1 and GLES2 contexts, there's still quite a possibility that the tools in Maratis3d (editor, player, standalone-engine, etc) could actually run on the Pandora itself. The code for Maratis seems to be written with the expectation that a GLES1.1/2 context could be used, some time in the near future, for rendering .. meaning that it can switch between OpenGL, GLES1/2, for rendering .. 'easily'. There are comments to this effect in, for example, the MContext sources ..

But they're not quite there yet.

I will have another look at it soon though, because I think these guys have the goal of having their content creation system running quite smoothly on the ES profiles.
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Good luck, I've been wanting to use a 3D modelling on the Panda since the beginning.
Thank you for looking into this torpor and I hope Maratis3D will help to lower the entry hurdle for 3D programming on the Pandora once it works. The waiting time for my Pandora just got a little harder to endure.

@moz I hope I'm not interpreting your post in the wrong way but Maratis3D isn't a 3D modeling tool like blender, it's more like the blender game engine or Unity, providing you with the base engine that can be used to create and run a game. The content you wish to use however has to be created in for example blender and the Maratis3D editor then provides you with a visual solution to put everything together (positioning, scaling, lighting, physical properties of objects, binding scripts to objects etc).
I've been in good contact with the maratis developers, and it looks like we can make the Editor native on Pandora, possibly, with a bit of work .. I'm going to work on it over the weekend. If there are any other 3D developers willing to look into this, please check this thread on the maratis3d forums for reference:
looks like it hasn't been ported yet, but I had a quick look at the sources and it looks like they already have a GLES1 and a GLES2 renderer.

Those are for iPhone so this might need some work to get to work with x11 ...

Maybe I'll try to get this to work when I'm done with godot (another game creation software / engine that already works but still has some issues on Pandora).